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Terrifying Tales

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With Halloween upon us, it is time to embrace all that is ghoulish and gothic. Here are the perfect books to get you into the Halloween spirit. Dracula by Bram Stoker This literary classic follows a vampire hunt as Jonathan Harker and his companions chase Count Dracula as he threatens … Read More

Female-Centric and Emotionally Charged: Gerald’s Game

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Insular and oppressive, Gerald’s Game, torments the viewer and its female protagonist as Zoe Louca explores the ’emotional depth’ in this horror film. Following the huge success of the adaptation of Stephen King’s It, which is now the highest grossing horror film of all time, comes the less-anticipated film Gerald’s Game which … Read More

‘IT’ Review

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Is It a bad film? No. But it is a very faithful adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, and as a result it does inherit a lot of the flaws of King’s writing. It ends up being a worse film than it could have been, and it’s largely to do with … Read More

Carrie: 40 years on

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It’s been 40 years since the 1976 version of Stephen King’s Carrie. In The Middle considers how the representation of this cult figure has changed since the film originally showed. The original version of Carrie (1976), directed by Brian De Palma, features a predominantly blond cast and a Carrie White who is … Read More

Stephen King’s ‘Revival’ returns to classic horror

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Revival has been pronounced as Stephen King’s return to classic horror after the publication of his first ever detective novel, Mr Mercedes, earlier this year. Despite this, anyone reading this reasonably hefty book in the hopes of being terrified will likely give up in frustration long before reaching the last … Read More