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ONLINE EXCLUSIVE – Famous Scientists from Leeds

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If you’ve been a student at the University of Leeds for more than one semester you’ve probably heard that Leeds has many famous alumni. The most famous is actor Chris Pine (Star Trek, Wonder Woman), who arguably barely counts as an alumnus; he was in Leeds for a year as … Read More

Scientific Misconceptions

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The term “Fake news” has received attention recently because of the circulation of false and “alternative” facts. It has become such a concern that two weeks ago Google introduced a new policy which attempts to limit the amount of “bad publishers” who pop up when you search for news. In … Read More

The Science behind this year’s Science Fiction Movies

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Science-fiction films offer us a chance to escape into a future which we can only dream of – one where anything and everything is possible. Throughout the last few decades Sci-Fi has made incredible strides, in no part thanks to the advancements in special effects technology. The best Sci-Fi films postulate about … Read More

“A Dream of a Low Carbon Future” – a novel way to talk about climate change?

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The current state of climate change looks, for lack of a better word, bleak. Considering the recent shifts in the political and social agenda, climate change is pretty much at the bottom of the list for a lot of western civilization, at least for the time being. The majority of … Read More

History’s mad scientists and their obsession with death

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The Ancient Egyptians, Vikings and modern Christianity – all major civilisations and belief systems throughout history have had some predications concerning life after death. In contrast to these beliefs others have attempted to stop or, at the very least, stave off death. Just look at the wonders of modern medicine. … Read More

The decision has already been made: Psychology of voting

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You walk into the voting booth and before you are your choices. You’ve weighed the facts, considered each candidate for their merits yet you remain uncertain about your choice. For some unknown reason you drift towards one candidate over the other. You can’t put your finger on exactly why, but … Read More

New cream has potential to remove that unfortunate tattoo

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In the future, there could be no need for laser tattoo removal. Alec Falkenham, a PhD student at Dalhousie University in Halifax, claims he has developed a tattoo-removal cream that could potentially save a lot of people a good deal of expense and pain. Whether it was a drunken mistake, … Read More

How long until driverless cars are feasible?

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As of this month, driverless cars are being tested in the UK, and changes to road regulations and the Highway Code are being considered in order to accommodate for this kind of technology. The government are investing £19 million to fund the launch of driverless car schemes in Milton Keynes, … Read More