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‘The stigma is probably more damaging than the disease’: Leeds Youth Stop Aids HIV+ Speaker Tour

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LUU’s Youth Stop AIDs society presented their long-awaited HIV+ speaker tour on Wednesday 14 February as part of their #itaintover campaign, which seeks to keep the HIV epidemic on the government’s agenda. The UK youth-led movement are lobbying for a world without AIDs by 2030. Working towards this, three incredible … Read More

Give beauty bloggers a break!

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It’s time to take beauty bloggers seriously! Emily discusses the stigma surrounding those who make a living from talking about make-up. It’s not as easy as it looks… As a beauty blogger, there’s a certain stereotype attached to the work that accompanies the name. Writing about make-up somehow makes the … Read More

My weight does not undermine my eating disorder

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I had an eating disorder for over three years, but my mind-set was disordered for much longer. It didn’t happen like the flick of a switch. It took years of subtle negativity, self-doubt and body comparisons, slowly creeping into my mental state like the darkening of the summer sky. What … Read More

Welfare at Leeds: Disabled is not a bad word

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When I started organising Disability History Month, I didn’t identify as disabled. Sure, I had some on-going, chronic health conditions, and a variety of mental illnesses – but I wasn’t disabled. That was reserved for more “serious” conditions. I didn’t look “disabled”. I didn’t have problems accessing buildings. In my … Read More

It’s time to get mental health on the curriculum

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Last year, child and adolescent mental health services were cut by £35m, alongside an 8% reduction in available beds on mental health wards. Even though David Cameron has recently promised to reinject money into these services, it would be too optimistic to assume that the cuts implemented by the Conservative … Read More

“Why should my depression define me?” The Germanwings plane crash and the stigma of mental illness

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It’s incredibly hard to put into words what mental illness means to me. I’ve tried more times than I can count, through years of therapy and stammered attempts at explanations to others, but the truth is, there’s no hard and fast way to even make myself understand the incredible blackness … Read More

Male bisexuality: Why the stigma?

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The concept of sexuality should be very simple in this day and age. We’re past the old buggery laws and discrimination in employment, and some amazing civil rights movements over the decades have taken place in the LGBT community in Britain. However, as far as attitudes are concerned, there is … Read More

Comment | Anorexia stigma

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Due to the excessive amount of stigma surrounding mental health problems these days, it is only natural for a person to want to keep their illness to themselves. Maybe they’ll share it with a few close friends and family, but this tends to be limited to very close friends and family. … Read More