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Stoptober: What Difference Does a Month Make?

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The NHS Stoptober website provides three simple reasons as to why smokers should take part in Stoptober: feel healthier, save money, and protect your family from second-hand smoke. While Public Health England’s annual campaign to get a nation of smokers to quit simultaneously reportedly had a 20% success rate in … Read More

Stoptober: Binning the Cigarettes

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Smoking is a big and bad habit for a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to be. This October, the campaign Stoptober has returned, and to help you quit smoking for the whole month, and hopefully a long time after that too, here are a few tips and advice. … Read More

Science | Stoptober, E-cigarettes and the unknown

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With the current price of cigarettes it’s a wonder anyone can afford to smoke these days, yet more than eight million people in the UK still do. We are now nearly two weeks into Stoptober, the annual stop smoking campaign that challenges smokers to give up cigarettes for 28 days. By refraining … Read More