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Off-White: Where Next?

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With the news that Virgil Abloh‘s cult streetwear label has become “the hottest brand in the world“, Iona Tompkins looks into what the   future holds for Off-White. Less than a decade ago, the word “Off-White” was used purely in the semantic field of wallpaper and emulsion, seen perhaps as more … Read More

K-Fashion: The Streetwear Trend To Look Out For

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With the recent rise of K-pop in the mainstream music circuit, other aspects of Korean culture are achieving similar recognition – namely, Korean fashion. Generally, Koreans choose very on-trend items, and both women and men carefully select their chosen ensembles. This results in outfits that implement colour without looking too … Read More

Suit-ably Dressed Women

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The powersuit first made its comeback back on the AW17 runways, proving that it means business and is here to stay. From the elegant Meghan Markle to the outrageous Lady Gaga, suits worn by women have never been more on trend. Suits have been a symbol of female power since … Read More

Has fashion lost its meaning?

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If someone were to tell you today that fashion is an art form, you would probably dismiss them as pretentious. And yet, at one point in time, this was considered to be true: fashion was an art form, and a highly celebrated one at that. But does this still ring … Read More

Is Street Style Still Fun?

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Or over the seasons has it become competitive, only promoting one type of body, race and style. Street style on the face of it is fun for everyone with particular attention being drawn around fashion month. Street style should serve to promote freedom in fashion and allow people to dress … Read More

You Should be Following…

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Izzie Ghaffari-Parker runs down a list of movers and shakers in the Black community to add to your feed for a dose of style inspiration. Chanté Joseph                 Photo: @Chantayyjayy Insta handle: @chantayyjayy Age: 22 Occupation: Blogger and writer Followers: 2,566 Why you should … Read More

Outfit of the Week

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1 . Handmade // 2. Primark // 3. ASOS It’s getting to that time of year where cocktail evenings are a regular occurrence, and definitely necessary for 1) handing absolutely anything in, 2) completing absolutely any exam and 3) absolutely anyone’s birthday. With all these occasions to dress up for, … Read More

Is Depop the future of fashion?

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Love it, hate it, or simply can’t be bothered with it – there’s no denying that Depop is a key player in the fashion world, and not an app to be overlooked. But does Depop have an expiry date? And is it building a sustainable community, or simply encouraging unnecessary  purchases?  … Read More

Introducing: The Basement

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Formed only a few years ago, The Basement has quickly garnered an active community on a mass scale. It began as a streetwear group, both as a place for discussion around clothing, but also to facilitate the buying and selling of such items. Fast forward to now, and the group … Read More

Caught on campus: winter to spring style

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Name: Matt Dunn Age: 26 Course: I actually work here at the University in the Brotherton Library.   What is your favourite high street store? Can it be a vintage store? If so, I would say my favourite shop is Blue Rise.  What is the most expensive item of clothing … Read More