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Stressmas: The Price Britons Pay for a ‘Perfect’ Festive Season

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Your local town centre has put up the Christmas lights, Costa and Starbucks have changed their disposable cups to winter versions and you’ve probably already scoffed a few mince pies. For some, Christmas is the time of eating, drinking and being merry. However, for many, the holidays can also be … Read More

Make International Stress Awareness Week Count

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Next week marks the 20th anniversary of International Stress Awareness Week and there is no denying that many find work one of the most stressful elements of their lives. Over 11 million days are lost at work a year due to stress and it accounts for nearly 40% of work-related … Read More

How to Handle Uni Stress

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International Stress Awareness Week is coming up, so here are some tips and advice on how to handle it all and not crumble. The irony is, it was stressful writing this piece, because we are well into first semester, the work is piling up and second year actually counts. But … Read More

Recognising Stress and Panic

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We all know how student life can become really stressful. From weekly tasks and presentations to essays and reports, we constantly feel under pressure. When the exam period starts we’re already tired, and all we crave is rest. In the fortunate case that our deadlines are spread throughout the term, … Read More

Should We Really Be Scared of Student Debt?

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Following a report from the Institute of Fiscal Studies earlier this year, it was revealed that over 70% of students who left University in 2016 are expected never to repay their student loans in full. These figures suggest that future university graduates will be in a similar position: saddled with … Read More

Best De-Stressing Beauty Products

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With deadlines, essays and exams slowly taking over our lives, don’t forget to look after yourself when you need it most. We’ve all fallen asleep on our keyboards with a face full of make-up, and stressed about our stress spots, so we’ve rounded up five powerful products that will help … Read More

Campus Watch: Dundee introduces alpacas to combat student stress

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In a new manifestation of the animal-led stress buster programmes in unions across the UK, Dundee University Students’ Association will be using alpacas to get their students through the stress of exam season. The Vice President of Student Welfare, Tharani Packiahrajah, said: “exams are looming and this can be a … Read More

Welfare at Leeds: simple self-care

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When you’re constantly working to deadlines, taking time for yourself is often far down on your list of priorities. LUU Welfare Officer Martha’s here to give you some ideas for when you just need to relax. There is often a perception that at University it’s a waste of time and … Read More

Pet and De-Stress with the Guide-Dog Society

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On the 11th of January, the Guide Dogs Society held their first ‘Meet the Guide Dogs’ event of the year in the Union. For those unfamiliar with the concept, ‘Meet the Guide Dogs’ is an opportunity for students to, essentially, pet and interact with guide dogs as a way of … Read More

How to beat the creative block

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It’s nearing the end of term; deadlines are looming and the days are only going to get shorter. If you’re anything like me, then you’ll resent the fact that you spend the vast majority of time doing reading for an essay and not having any idea what it’s on about. … Read More