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Should Letting Agents Be Held Accountable for Sub-Par Service?

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The struggle of looking for accommodation and sorting out housing issues with friends is a rite of passage for university students. Unfortunately, there’s a perception that letting agents treat students differently to other tenants who are working full time and are often not seen as a priority in comparison. Many … Read More

Properties, penny-pinching and pigeons: one man’s plight

9 months ago / 0 comments

Landlords can be cruel. Especially those puppeteering the lucrative student property business in Leeds. Pulling all the strings from their position of power, tweaking penniless undergrad underlings; a few years in student housing will teach you that anything goes. When it comes to maintenance, there’s a general rule: If you … Read More

Your House Hunting Worries, Debunked

1 year ago / 0 comments

House hunting can be stressful, especially if it’s your first time. Rumours are already starting to get around which might be making you anxious about looking for somewhere to live. As someone that’s done house hunting in Leeds three years running, LUU Community Officer, George Bissett, can offer an insight … Read More

Is Your Deposit Protected?

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New research from the Centre of Economics on behalf of money.co.uk has shown that 1 in 7 landlords do not protect their tenant’s deposits through a third party, despite government intervention to make it a legal requirement. It is estimated that £514 million worth of deposits are not protected, earning … Read More

Students Affected by Building Delays

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Property development company Pinnacle Student Developments have come under fire for failing to complete building work on time, meaning many students had to move in to alternative accommodation or live in half finished developments. Pinnacle began development of Asquith House and Austin Hall, two purpose built private halls of residence situated … Read More

Leeds Student Left High and Dry with Hole in Roof

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A Leeds University student has told The Gryphon that he was unable to live in his Hyde Park bedroom for over three weeks in September and October because his estate agent failed to repair a roof leak. Ummar Kas, a first-year Environmental Sciences student, has claimed that the roof leak … Read More

Unipol-accredited Sugarhouse taken to tribunal

4 years ago / 0 comments

The Union has warned house hunters to be vigilant before signing for a property after a letting agency which caused ‘confusion’ was taken to a Unipol tribunal. It was found that Sugarhouse refused to provide tenants with a copy of their guarantor form and failed to allow them the standard … Read More

Hyde Park ‘letter scam’ revealed as university project

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After days of confusion, it has been revealed that letters sent out to a number of student houses in Hyde Park, appearing to be from a bogus letting agent attempting to enter properties illegally,  is in fact part of a university project run by second year theatre and performance students. … Read More

Alarm causes ‘weekend of hell’

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Students who live on a Hyde Park street have suffered a ‘weekend of hell’ as their neighbour’s burglar alarm sounded for 48 hours non-stop. Residents on Ebberston Terrace reported the disturbance to the Council on Saturday, but were left to endure the ‘incessant ringing’ until assistance arrived two days later … Read More

Union warning after landlords dodge deposits

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The Union has warned of landlords who fail to inform students of money taken from their deposits after a letting agency was suspended from the Unipol Code. A tribunal in June found UK Pads had withdrawn from the deposits of students living on Royal Park Grove, but told them only … Read More