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A Personal Account of Drug Use and Mental Health

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I was aware that drug use permeated British university culture before I moved here. Conversations with friends and pop culture gave me the impression that casual substance use was expected, if not the norm among students. Leeds, I knew, was a “good night out” (wink wink). I had tried ecstasy … Read More

An Outside Perspective of British Drinking Culture

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When I arrived in Leeds from my native Italy in September, I prepared myself for Brit drinking culture through binge-watching all of the comedy series Peepshow. Thanks to that show, I was aware that British drinking culture differs from Italy’s. Not that I came as a teetotaler. Veneto, the region … Read More

The End of the Boozy Student?

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Annabelle Toon discusses whether or not we are witnessing the end of the British student drinking culture as we know it.   University is stereotyped by many as the place where it’s acceptable to be drunk for four days in a row and nobody is concerned for your health. The … Read More

Do You Find Noise A Nuisance?

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For most, going to a university as conveniently located as the University of Leeds is the ideal way to spend the early years of our adult life. Experiencing the academic advantages of a Russell Group University alongside the highly raved about, almost legendary, city nightlife, students of Leeds are blessed … Read More

Life as a ‘Third Culture Kid’

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Does your accent change depending on who you’re talking to? Do you randomly slip foreign slang into your sentences? Have you spent absurd amounts of time on airplanes? If the answer to those questions is mostly a yes, you belong to the puzzling yet intriguing category of the Third Culture … Read More

Student Mornings: Tired to Wired

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It’s no secret that students are notorious for not getting enough sleep. Emma Purvis looks at student sleep and reveals some tricks you may not have thought of to ensure you catch those precious zzzzzs.   It is no secret that in most lectures there is usually one person slumped … Read More

Why don’t you just grow up?

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University changes people. Some discover a passion they never thought they had, like jazz, swing dancing or quidditch. Others have their minds transformed by the majesty of knowledge, walking the earth with eyes wide open to the beauty of life. Other people become massive bell-ends because they’ve managed to have … Read More

K[ale]-holing: the Cool debate

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‘I read in Vogue,’ said my housemate ‘that it’s all different for us. Our parents’ generation took loads of drugs, so it’s just not cool anymore. We’ve replaced drugs with vegetables.’ Well this was fantastic news for me. I was still very much under the impression that drugs were cool, … Read More

Features | Top tips for student living in winter

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Winter is looming and there’s only so much that dodgy central heating can do to keep our spirits up. Here are LSi’s top tips for staying warm and chirpy during the cold, dark winter months.   Jumpers Feeling the chill? Now is the perfect time of year to raid the … Read More

Features | Sturge urges students to take back Wednesday afternoons

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LS talks to Greg Sturge about why he feels Leeds students are being denied the chance to outshine other graduates in the jobs market and why we need Wednesdays free.   It is a long-upheld tradition that Wednesday afternoons at university are free from teaching so that students can participate … Read More