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Features | The lowdown on student life

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Want to stay cliché savvy during your student life? It’s never too late to learn the paradoxical perils of being university goer.   So that’s it for this year. Sorry folks, but whether it was your first foray into the uni experience or you’re a seasoned re- fresher, you’ve had … Read More

Features | The A-Z of Freshers

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Let’s face it, you can’t avoid the clichés so you might as well embrace them as you begin your uni life. Here’s what you can expect from your first week as a student… Alcohol becomes a way of life. “Hair of the dog” is your new mantra. Budgeting for drinks… … Read More

The Ideal Student

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Since starting University just over a year ago, I’ve spent quite some time considering what exactly it means to be a ‘student’.  In the eyes of the employed we’re the scruffily-clad, inherently lazy but vaguely intelligent hordes shuffling across the city every day.  To our lecturers we’re a herd of … Read More