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Headrow House Bouncer ‘Relieved of his Duties’ Following Alleged Assault on Leeds Student

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A University of Leeds student was reportedly assaulted by a bouncer last night at Headrow House, at club night Bobby’s Disco. The student, George Blackshaw, is a double-amputee, following an accident with a lawnmower at 16 months old. The incident reportedly happened around 3:15am, after George was removed from the … Read More

British Student Jailed for Spying in the UAE Returns to the UK

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A British PhD student jailed for spying in the UAE has returned to the UK a day after he was pardoned and released as part of the country’s National Day clemency tradition. Matthew Hedges, a British academic, was released on Monday despite the UAE showing a video of him apparently … Read More

Music To Our Ears: Listening to LUUMS

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Music listener? Music maker? Or just a Music lover? If you fall under any of these categories, then take a gander at all the amazing opportunities being put on by LUUMS, and see how you can get involved in all the fun. For those of you whose acronym skills aren’t … Read More

Enterprise Student Plunges in to Lingerie Industry

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The Gryphon interviews student entrepreneur, Harriett Howe, who is making waves in the lingerie industry with her fresh and funky designs. As students, we are often steered in the direction of employment as soon as we graduate. However, Harriett is a shining example of how you can seriously benefit from … Read More

Students Struggling to Pay Rent

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More than 17,000 students living in university accommodation fell behind on their housing payments last year, according to recent figures. A small but growing number of students are facing eviction. Last year, 97 students had their tenancies cancelled after being unable to pay their rent, up from 40 the previous … Read More

Learn Your Lesson: Forget Exam Results and Take Away the Positives

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Exams are over and the new semester has started. Also, many of us just got their exam results. Hopefully, most of them were better than we thought, maybe others were worse, some were as expected and others probably disappointed us. The impact that a simple, tiny number can make in … Read More

University Poised To Introduce GPA System

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Following participation in a successful Higher Education Academy pilot scheme, The University of Leeds is considering the possibility of introducing a grade point average system. The GPA system would run concurrently with the traditional degree classification system, but where the latter does not consider first year grades in its final marks, the GPA system does. Whilst possible timings for … Read More

New Year, Studious Me

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With February upon us, most of us have admitted defeat when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. Year in, year out, in an attempt to reinvent our future selves, millions of us declare 1st January as the start of a new beginning. But how important is this? Is the nation’s … Read More

Agony aunt: student housing

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I haven’t yet signed for a house. Have I missed the chance to get a good one? Not having signed for a house yet in late January can be a bit nerve-racking. Especially when left and right you hear friends talking about their great new homes, some of which were … Read More

Are Dating Apps Killing Romance?

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Dating apps are quickly becoming the new and easy way to find Prince or Princess charming. But do they work? Claire Wilsher took on the challenge of trying to find a soulmate through one of the most popular dating apps on the market: Bumble. Here, she gives a comprehensive list … Read More