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Blogs | A year in Germany – the best or Wurst idea ever?

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It’s the 22nd September and despite the fact that this is meant to be a blog about my year abroad I am still at home. Yes, at home, in my pyjamas in Putney sipping on a cup of tea. Not ideal for describing this amazing year abroad I am meant … Read More

Blogs | The Gouda Life

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University College Utrecht, The Netherlands I came to The Netherlands in January to stay with family and by this point I knew I would be studying in Utrecht (less than 30 miles from Amsterdam) the following year. It seemed as if all was falling merrily into place but a few … Read More

Return from the Continenent

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So the time has come to depart from the land of beer and chocolate back to the city of whatever Leeds is famous for apart from the indoor market and the Otley Run. A time perhaps for reflection on what it is that I will be sorrowful to leave behind … Read More