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Uni of Leeds Cums Third in Sex-Toy List

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The University of Leeds has come third in the race to be crowned as the UK’s kinkiest University. In a study that investigated the consumer habits of students from 20 different universities, it was found that the adventurous students of Leeds spent £8,633 on sex toys, lingerie and bondage products … Read More

Need some tunes to help you focus? Our Editor-in-Chief has got you sorted

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The month of January means two things to students. Intense study, and its closely related counterpart, extreme procrastination. This playlist will aim to stop you trawling the web for music to listen to, and consists of tracks specifically picked to stimulate concentration. Eevee- Unexpected This lo-fi beattape is so calming … Read More

1 in 3 students can’t afford food

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Study claims students are struggling to afford necessities and are having their health put at risk by high debt. New research has revealed that debt is adversely affecting students in ever greater numbers. The scrapping of the maintenance grant and a further rise in tuition fees has spiralled the cost … Read More

Students who default on their loans should be arrested, claims Think Tank

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The Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) has suggested that students, and in particular those who come from the EU to study in Britain, should be arrested and prosecuted if they don’t pay back their student loans. If an overseas student goes back to their home country after graduation, or if … Read More

Leeds University seeks Brexit clarification

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The University of Leeds has issued a statement to The Gryphon seeking to reassure students in the wake of a Brexit vote which continues to be mired in uncertainty. In a week when #WeAreInternational banners litter campus to welcome international students to their studies, a spokesperson for the University reiterated … Read More

Blogs | Five Reasons Why Parents Are The Best Students

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1/ We will never be late to a lecture because we have ‘overslept’. ‘Oversleeping’ is an alien concept. A lie in is something we have only heard about in fiction. We seem to have a vague recollection of what a ‘lie in’ is, we have seen it written about on … Read More

Are cognitive-enhancing drugs worth the risk?

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Examinations. A word that strikes fear into most of us, but what if we had the chance of being able to improve our academic performance through taking drugs that enhance our ability to learn for long periods of time? That is exactly what students all over the country have been … Read More