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Mergers and Acquisitions – A Fine Line Between Success and Failure

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One of the main motivations for merging companies is synergy, which is the idea that by combining business activities, performance will increase and costs will decrease. Budgets for certain departments can be cut and the new, larger company benefits from greater purchasing power, meaning that the costs of any raw materials … Read More

Blogs | Why You Should Follow Your Childhood Dreams

5 years ago / 0 comments

In my second year of primary school, the teachers made a video of all the pupils, asking them what they wanted to do when they were older. I wanted to be an actress. Others wanted to be firemen, police officers, teachers, doctors, pop singers, train drivers, pilots, spacemen. My brother … Read More

Leeds Student fights crime

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9.11.12 A mobile phone thief has been brought to justice, as a “direct result” of reporting by Leeds Student. A story published by this paper last month appealed for information regarding two ‘Samaritan students’ who helped apprehend a man stealing phones at Mint nightclub. Following the publication of the story … Read More

Failure: the first step towards success?

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Being told you’re not good enough is a simple factor of life. Whether it’s a rejection for a place at your desired University, or an unwanted grade in an essay; it seems failure is a common feature of our everyday life. However, this doesn’t mean we’re destined to fail for … Read More