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Trend Alert: cowboy boots

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I have never been quite so excited than for the return of the cowboy boot! It is the ultimate shoe to wear with flirty summer dresses and skirts when you want to combine ‘feminine’ and ‘just off the beaten track’ kind of styles. The classic cowboy boot keeps the leg … Read More

Ode to Autumn

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Put away your Birkenstocks,let down that artful top-knot, guys and gals, because summer is dead. Let us welcome in the glorious rule of Autumn. Rather than mourning the loss of sunny days and the imminent arrival of a sky-high heating bill, consider all the reasons why Autumn is the cool, … Read More

English summer solves some questions but leaves plenty more unanswered

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Where to start? This has been the most dramatic, turbulent and downright crazy summer of English cricket since the early 90s, when every summer seemed to be the most turbulent in living memory. From captaincy debates to endless selection issues, to rows over pitches and groundsmen, to players involved in … Read More

Features | Sea-ing the light: Why the English Seaside is the Best Place on Earth

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For a long time, I’ve trusted in the mantra that if you take a plane somewhere, than that holiday is going to be better than the place you were originally. This is particularly true of England, what with it having unpredictable and uninspiring weather, and not much of a ‘holiday … Read More

Fashion| If money wasn’t an issue we’d be buying…

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Prada oval sunglasses, Selfridges, £285.00 It’s that time of year again! The sun has been shining on us for over a month now, so, let’s give our sunglasses collection a little re-vamp to celebrate the sunshine! These Prada tortoiseshell sunglasses are the perfect way to go if you’re after a … Read More

Features | Top Five Jobs Abroad in Summer

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No one wants to spend their summer holidays at home, begging their parents each night for a tenner to go down the pub and being told to ‘go and get a job!’ It’s never too early to start thinking about your summer, whether you’re a first year undergraduate or even … Read More

Food | Gingerbread Lad – Serving Up Summer

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What better way to spend the long weeks away from studying, than cooking up some treats to enjoy on a (hopefully) hot summer’s day? Breakfast – Avocado and Tomato on Toast Toast doesn’t have to be boring and only served with the classic beans or butter. The sun’s out so … Read More

Photojournal: Winter Days in Buenos Aires

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It’s 6am and LAN Airlines Flight #461 from Santiago de Chile to Buenos Aires is turbulently scaling the Andes Mountains. As the sun rises and illuminates their peaks, long shadows are cast through the snow. Sat next to the plane wing, I’m frustrated by my view being cut in half, … Read More

A Feminist’s Guide to Summer

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Leeds has experienced a mass student exodus, we all survived moving weekend, exam results are in and the sun has actually come out long enough to make me purchase a pair of shorts: I can no longer deny that summer is officially here. But even though you’re still more likely to find me indoors stubbornly knitting a winter scarf … Read More

Oh, I do like to live beside the seaside

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As you may have guessed by my writing in this publication, during term time I live in the sunny city of Leeds. However, my home town is a popular seaside resort on the East Coast; you know, the kind of place where people would die to live, and rightly so. … Read More