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With the public constantly becoming more aware about what we eat and the issues associated with our food, it seems like new superfoods are springing up daily. Often promoted by Instagram and Twitter personalities with perfectly shiny white smiles, there’s always a new obscure Mexican berry to try or a … Read More

Bambino by Superfood

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As the blue skies over summer begin to fade into the perpetually overcast days we all know and loath, don’t fret, for Superfood are set to release their finest and most self-aware project to-date: their new, immaculate album Bambino. At its core, Bambino represents the new Superfood. Streamlined to just … Read More

The Great Escape 2017 Highlights

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Brighton is renowned for being a melting pot of quality musicians, enticing rising artists far and wide with its sparkling DIY music scene. The Great Escape Festival amplifies this seaside musical microcosm, showcasing rising musicians from both the UK and worldwide in intimate venues. Just like every year, this year’s … Read More

In the Middle with Superfood

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Dom sounds a bit worse for wear as we chat over the phone. He’d been at the NME awards the night before with friend and flatmate, Harry Koisser. “Everyone who was playing came back to our house, and I was in bed by like, 2am, but they were in the … Read More

Superfood ‘Don’t Say That’ Album Review

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Having stemmed from the same neck of the woods as other alternative rock outfits Peace and Swim Deep, Superfood have a lot to live up to with their debut album. Don’t Say That brings some fuzzy guitars, drawling vocals and a general fascination with laziness, as well as some pretty … Read More

Lifestyle | Brain food to help you through the essay and revision period

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Balancing revision and a healthy lifestyle can be difficult, as it’s far too easy to opt for a frozen pizza rather than put the effort into cooking from scratch when the all-important exam period is looming.Yet as delicious as frozen pizzas can be, making your own meals and choosing certain … Read More