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Good Grief: The Society Talking About Student Bereavement

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Society has been taken over this week by the Bereaved and Young Student Network (BAYSN). This LUU society are doing their best to support students who have ex-perienced death, by surrounding them with students who understand to help them navigate their way through the strange landscape of loss. Sitting on … Read More

Help4friend: a guide in offering mental health support to loved ones

8 months ago / 0 comments

Mental health impacts 20% of young adults in the UK. Beyond this, an even greater number of university students are suffering from some kind of mental wellbeing issue. The problem is, in fact, so big that it is being widely discussed in the media, at university boards and even within … Read More

Agony aunt: how to help someone who has been sexually assaulted

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Receiving the news that a friend/family member has been sexually assaulted can be devastating, frightening, even confusing. You may feel overwhelmed by the situation and you are not to be blamed for this. Most people do not imagine that they will ever be affected by this issue. But how can … Read More

Freshers & mental illness: a manageable mix

1 year ago / 0 comments

When you have mental health problems, a week full of new people, different clubs and a lack of sleep can be overwhelming – especially when you are in a new city. But freshers – and university as a whole – can be whatever experience you want it to be. Here … Read More

“EU support should be treason”, proposes Tory counciller

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Christian Holliday, conservative councillor and adamant Brexiteer, has launched a petition calling to make supporting EU membership a treasonable offence. In what appears to be an effort to antagonise so-called “remoaners”, rather than to actually instigate reform, Holliday posted the petition to Parliament’s website on 15 October. It has since … Read More

Crossing the rocky road towards fair mental health treatment

4 years ago / 0 comments

Society always seems to tread a fine line when dealing with mental health issues. It’s almost like we want to say we’re helping people but just can’t make the leap to actually doing it. Sure, treatments are available for those of us unfortunate enough to have an imperfect brain. We … Read More

News | Funding crisis stops LS printing

5 years ago / 0 comments

LS will no longer be able to print, due to a lack of funding. This week members of the society were informed that the target set by LUU to cover printing costs had fallen short by £5,200 and therefore should cease printing. LS is currently partially funded by LUU and partially … Read More

News | Syrian students seek extra support

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Syrian students have voiced their dismay at the support being offered to them by the University and the Union. Despite Leeds waiving or deferring some tuition fees, they also need financial aid for accommodation. Privately funded students, also affected by the ongoing conflict in their country, have complained that they … Read More

Sex advice given a Third

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The University’s sexual health support has been ranked 20th in the country, according to research released this week. The report, carried out by the online medical service Dr. Ed, puts Leeds near the bottom of the sexual health league table, ranking 20th out of 24 universities. Assessing the top UK … Read More