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The Gryphon asks: Are the airstrikes in Syria the right decision?

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YES: In defence of airstrikes for human rights This weekend’s bombing of Syria undertaken in response to chemical weapons attacks in Douma has been met with raucous condemnation, as many fear that the targeted air strikes by the USA, UK and France may escalate the delicate situation that has engulfed … Read More

Trumped Up

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Whisper it quietly, but Donald Trump may have taken the first step towards fulfilling his responsibilities as leader of the free world in the dangerous times we live in. If you need this confirmed, simply look at the response to his Syrian air strikes. It provoked indignation among the usual … Read More

Rogue One and the crisis in the Middle East: an analysis

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The new addition to the Star Wars world, Rogue One, has painted a much darker picture than its predecessors. In doing so it has also accentuated possible existing themes related to conflict in the Middle East. The latest film goes a step further and can be seen as a damning … Read More

‘Human Rights, Human Wrongs’ at the Hyde Park Picturehouse

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Saturday afternoon saw The Hyde Park Picture House host the first of a series of monthly events held by the Leeds branch of Amnesty International. Primarily pitched as a film event, ‘Human Rights, Human Wrongs’ featured one full-length documentary Children on the Frontline and two shorts: Journey to Calais and … Read More

Casting a blind eye over Aleppo

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What is Aleppo?”, was the question the Libertarian nominee for president of the US, Gary Johnson, responded with when he was asked what he would do about the carpet bombed Syrian city if elected president this year. His comments were quite rightly mocked and disparaged and he was clearly out … Read More

The West’s failure in Syria

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The Syrian Civil War is currently approaching its sixth year. Estimates of its casualty toll range between 200,00-400,000. What was once one of the Middle East’s most heavily entrenched autocracies has effectively imploded, an international refugee crisis has precipitated, brutal sectarianism has been revived across the entire central Middle East, … Read More

Syria in 2016

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What will 2016 bring for the Syrian Civil War? Although it impossible to predict the conflict’s outcome, it has stretched on long enough for a general trajectory to be anticipated, and sadly this year is unlikely to be a regional game-changer. Assad, in all probability, will not fall this year. … Read More

Islamophobia: what can you do about it?

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A phrase that is still underlined with red dots when you type it in on Word, Islamophobia is still very much in its beginner phase of becoming a well-known and understood phenomenon. Following reports of the Aubervilliers teacher fabricating his attack, The Gryphon explores the growing levels of Islamophobia across the … Read More

Protests against Syria airstrikes takes place in Leeds

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A demonstration took place on Saturday as an act of protest against Labour politician Hilary Benn’s support for extending airstrikes to Syria. The question as to whether Britain should bomb Syria was raised after the recent Paris attacks orchestrated by IS and ongoing threats made to Britain and surrounding countries. … Read More

With the UK extending airstrikes to Syria, debate still rages. The Gryphon asks: Should the UK be launching airstrikes in Syria?

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Yes: The rise of Islamic State’s brutal caliphate has sent shockwaves across the world in the last couple of years. The international community is rightly united in condemning IS and its destructive sadism, but a huge question remains over whether we should be intervening militarily in Syria with airstrikes. It’s … Read More