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British Student Jailed for Spying in the UAE Returns to the UK

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A British PhD student jailed for spying in the UAE has returned to the UK a day after he was pardoned and released as part of the country’s National Day clemency tradition. Matthew Hedges, a British academic, was released on Monday despite the UAE showing a video of him apparently … Read More

Underwear Is Not a Sign of Consent

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A 27-year-old man at the centre of a rape trial has been acquitted in Northern Ireland. The defence argued that because the 17-year-old girl he was accused of raping was wearing a lacy thong, she consented. Defence barrister, Elizabeth O’Connell SC said “You have to look at the way she … Read More

Will Handwritten Exams Soon be a Thing of the Past?

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If you type out your lecture notes, you soon might be one step ahead of the competition – some universities are now opting for the use of computers, instead of the more-traditional pen-and-paper, for exams. Rather than “Please put your pens down!”, invigilators soon might be shouting “Please close your … Read More

Brazilian Forces Invade Universities in Suppression of Free Speech

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Brazilian media have reported that Brazilian police have staged raids authorised by the electoral authorities, sometimes without warrants, in universities across the country. In these raids, professors were questioned and materials belonging to professors and students were confiscated. Over 20 universities in Brazil were subjected to invasions by military police … Read More