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Anything but a luxury: periods, and why dignity should be free

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At no point during the pasta-filled weeks of my student budget do I think to myself “you know what, I cannot live without some caviar this week”. It’s a luxury. Period. Which is ironic, considering that my ‘time of the month’ is apparently also just that. A grandiose display of … Read More

NUS votes in favour of free sanitary products at universities

2 years ago / 0 comments

At the NUS conference last Tuesday, delegates voted in favour of using funds to buy tampons, sanitary towels and moon cups. Soon, these products will be offered to students across the UK for free. The NUS stated that the price of female sanitary wear is “classist” and that students are … Read More

Tampons don’t Grow on Christmas Trees

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LUU are running a campaign to collection donations of sanitary products for those who can’t afford them this Christmas time. The ‘san-i-tree’, featuring vulva inspired Christmas baubles, is based outside Essentials  and tomorrow there will also be a stall for those who wish to donate sanitary products to St Aidan’s … Read More

Tampon Tax – Necessity Made Luxury?

3 years ago / 0 comments

The Gryphon examines the current arguments concerning what is widely regarded as a sexist measure and explores important campaigns, both on a local and national scale, that seek to highlight the ramifications of the tax. The topical issue resting on the tongues of both politicians and the public at the … Read More

“Menstrual Hygiene Is Not A Privilege, It’s A Right.”

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When 305 MPs voted to reject the Finance Bill amendment which would have brought about a negotiation between David Cameron and the EU over taxing VAT on tampons, you had to question if any of them had any idea what a tampon was and what a period involved. Let’s just … Read More

LUU Launch ‘Tampons Don’t Grow on Trees’ Campaign

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The union have launched a campaign to raise awareness of the difficulties homeless and low income women face in being able to afford sanitary products. The “Tampons Don’t Grow on Trees” campaign will coincide with “Homelessness Week”, and students are being encouraged to donate sanitary products at the donation points … Read More