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Art | D&AD: a design for life.

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Image courtesy of TASCHEN D&AD is an originally British and now wholly international organisation that rewards commercial creativity, the self-titled Nobel Prize of the creative industries. Their yearly annuals bring together the work of those who have been awarded their coveted Yellow Pencil, and a lucky few who have won … Read More

Photography | The Godfather Family Album – Famous Scenes From A New Perspective

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Featured Image: Portrait of Don Michael Corleone played by Al Pacino. (The Godfather II) Steve Shapiro Even for those who might be unfamiliar with Francis Ford Coppola’s epic trilogy, Steve Schapiro’s collection of photographs from the Godfather movies makes for a fascinating insight into the world of film making. As … Read More

Photography | Peter Beard – An Opulent Ouvre

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Born in 1938, Peter Beard has that rare quality of someone who, according to Owen Edwards, has lived throughout three centuries. Having ‘roots in the 19th century… with insatiable curiosity and assumed privilege of such eminent Victorians as the adventurer Richard Burton’, his art echoes ‘the specters that stalked the … Read More

New Review: Marilyn Monroe by Bert Stern/Norman Mailer

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    Since Taschen’s beautiful new publication threw itself into Lucy Holden’s arms she has been in love with Marilyn Monroe. Here’s why.  Making people fall in love with her was something Marilyn was very good at. She wore famous admirers like a string of pearls around her neck; Frank … Read More