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Success For Health Campaigners As Leading Retailers Cut Energy Drink Sales to Under Sixteens

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Following calls from a number of health experts, dieticians and scientists to ban the sale of energy drinks to minors, it seems as if such requests are not going unheard. Many of Britain’s favourite retailers – namely Asda, Aldi and Waitrose, are now placing an age-restriction policy on the purchasing … Read More

May’s ‘wealth tax’: a fiery debate in a dull education

1 year ago / 0 comments

Given the fact that it largely seems to be little more than a coronation ceremony for Theresa May, whose campaigning tactics are so remarkably unambitious as to avoid anything resembling a debate with her opposition, you would be forgiven for thinking that this election was, well, rather boring. In the … Read More

Disney on Thames: A fairy tale for the UK or a public expenditure villain

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Last week there was a huge buzz surrounding Paramount’s confirmation of their 872-acre, £3.5billion bombshell landing in the UK. In an ambitious project to rival Disneyland, Paramount are opening their own theme park in Kent. And with paranormal activity, star trek, Madagascar and even titanic on their books, the buzz … Read More

Your money is in a tax haven

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Very few of us would consider ourselves eager users of tax havens. Far from it! Some of you would be protesting on the streets against them before even a penny of yours found its way in one. Yet it’s not just your pennies, but a good handful of your pounds … Read More

We shouldn’t be taxed for bleeding, period.

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Women who menstruate (and those who menstruate who don’t identify as women), have to pay tax on top of what they already have to fork out for sanitary products. This is because they are classified as non-essential, luxury items. Let’s be honest with ourselves: if men had periods, sanitary products would … Read More

News l Students accuse University of lacking principles over Laidlaw donation

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Students have accused the University of lacking principles in accepting donations from “Tax Dodging Donor” Lord Laidlaw. In a public letter to the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Professor Finlay, students threaten to campaign for 10 years if this issue is not addressed. The letter, signed by a group … Read More

Comment | 50p travesty

5 years ago / 0 comments

This week shadow chancellor Ed Balls announced plans that if Labour win the next general election, the 50p tax rate will return. This is a terrible idea that resembles the old days of the ‘loony left’ in the 1970s and 1980s. The 50p tax rate was something introduced on earnings over £150,000 per … Read More

News | University receives £9m donation from controversial Tory peer

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The University has received its biggest ever donation from Tory peer Lord Laidlaw. Laidlaw is a controversial figure, having been publicly criticised for tax avoidance and coming under media scrutiny for allegedly hosting sex parties with prostitutes. The former Leeds Economics student has donated £9 million towards the new library, … Read More

Tax dodging donor gives cash to Uni

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  The University has received huge amounts of money from a ‘sex addict’ who avoids an estimated £50million in tax every year. Last week, Leeds Student exposed the University’s connection with alleged paedophile Jimmy Savile. In November 2011 Lord Laidlaw gave a £1.15 million donation to fund two scholarship schemes … Read More