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Ashtray Navigations

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It’s only fitting that Ashtray Navigations would celebrate their 20th anniversary at the Hyde Park Picture House as the cinema’s big 100 approaching this autumn. Both stand as testaments to Leeds’ culture in their own way, the Picture House dances between underground and mainstream film, art house and family pictures, … Read More

Music | In The Middle with Mississippi Records

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Mississippi Records co-founder Eric Isaacson pins the prominent reissue label’s success down to one thing: there was no-one else putting out the music he loved on vinyl. Of course, actually taking off requires a good deal more to go well, and Isaacson was keen to fill Hyde Park Picture House … Read More

Blogs | Games – Where Have All the Jobs Gone?

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On September 12th earlier this year, 175 people at Blitz Game Studios in Leamington Spa lost their jobs. Okay, I had to look up the name too but it was a pretty close-to-home example. There are a huge number of development companies across the European continent, the USA and Japan … Read More