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Teapigs: An Infuse-iastic Response

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  Tea. The nation’s favourite drink. Offered in times of joy and sadness, shared between strangers and friends alike. Some like it hot, some like it iced. Some like it milky, some like it strong. Everyone has their own idea of what comprises the perfect cuppa, but one thing we … Read More

What’s new in science this week?

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Mathematicians grind out the perfect Cuppa: Researchers from the University of Limerick and the University of Portsmouth have developed complex calculations to help optimise the perfect cup of coffee. The research quantifies how the exact grain size of ground coffee can dictate whether the brew will be bitter or too watery. … Read More

Everybody’s cup of tea

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The History of Britain’s Favourite Hot Beverage Drinking tea has is so ingrained in British daily life that few seldom stop to think about the origins of their favourite drink. Although tea is now quintessentially English, we have only been drinking it for 350 years. Britain was in fact one … Read More

Food | Gastronaut – Le Chalet, Leeds

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Beyond occasional trips to the station, the financial district of Leeds may not be that familiar to the city’s students. However,  if you’re willing to venture in, you’ll find there are some friendly, affordable and distinctly up-market gems amidst the chain restaurants. Chief among them is Le Chalet, a French … Read More

News | Cuppa and a slice of Christianity

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Everyone loves a cuppa but most would be sick of tea after 250 cups of it. The Christian Union estimates that it’s given out that many steaming cups of char this week during the “biggest Christian Week of the year”. Their aim has been to get students talking about the … Read More

The Growing Cost of Football

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After the BBC’s recent ‘Price of Football’ survey, LS Sport‘s Euan Cunningham shares his thoughts… About a year ago I was travelling back from a match. The team I have a season ticket with had played appallingly and deservedly lost 2-0. Coming back on an overcrowded bus after a walk … Read More