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Breaking Boundaries in The Tech Industry

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After establishing a successful career in the digital sector, Amy De-Balsi took the leap and decided to start her own enterprise, Herd, which helps connect workers with digital and tech companies in Leeds. Here we talk to her about why she decided to stay in Leeds and her experience of … Read More

Depop Hotlist: Sweater Weather

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Winter is upon us, and deadlines are setting in. For the homeliest of rooms to hibernate in here are three completely different Depop sellers who will make your room Instaworthy and feel a lot cosier for winter.  @frenchgreytales has anything small you’d want to make you room more personal by adding … Read More

Fashion apps we’re loving

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Villoid: We can’t list our favourite fashion apps without mentioning Villoid. Launched last year by Alexa Chung, this app allows the user to create their own moodboards pinterest-style but has a buy option for products. Using high end and high street you can create your dream wardrobe. You can follow … Read More

21 Years later and we can now own the Clueless wardrobe

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The convivial style of Cher Horowitz is back as 2016 marks the 21st year since Amy Heckerling’s Clueless became an iconic source for new and exciting trends, its sartorial charm revolutionising the way in which we view fashion. Not only are we seeing Cher’s preppy plaid ensembles and slinky slip dresses make … Read More

Techno Fashion: 2016 Highlights

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The Met Ball, May To kick things off we rewind to May. This year’s theme was ‘Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology’ – doesn’t it just roll off the tongue? In other words, it focussed on the rivalry between hand-made and machine-made garments. The event was sponsored … Read More

Acer Chromebook Review and Chrome OS impressions

3 years ago / 61 comments

I’ve got to admit, at first, I was a bit sceptical at the idea of having a completely web powered notepad but my first few hours with the chromebook have swayed me. As this is my first chromebook review, I’ll give my general impressions of the laptop’s build and then … Read More

Weird Crowdfunding Tech

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Creative, original and every now and then bizarre; that is potentially the best way to describe crowdfunding. Since the mid 2000’s the amount of people contributing to crowdfunding has grown exponentially and it is an industry now worth an estimated £22.4 Billion ($34.4 Billion). If you’re unaware, the concept of … Read More

A Reflection on Windows

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Microsoft Windows, a name that has become synonymous with personal computing around the world. With features such as Paint, the Start Menu and Solitaire, even the most technophobic members of society recognise its name. With the recent preview of its latest iteration, Windows 10, perhaps it’s time to have a … Read More

Hudl2: The best Tablet on a budget?

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The Battleground – with the new Hudl2 on release, is this the best Tablet for students on a budget? Tesco are often known as the company behind affordable supermarket shopping, and arguably obliterate town centre shopping with their megastores. What you may not have realised is that since September 2013, … Read More

Music | EP Review – Midland

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Midland Duster EP Following his highly praised ‘Trace’ EP in 2013, Leeds local Midland’s ‘Duster’ EP has been eagerly anticipated by the world of house and techno – and his newest release on established label Aus Music does not disappoint. The title track is a tech house jam which has … Read More