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ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: What Now…? Technology’s plan to take over fashion retail

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The first step was online shopping, and although it first seemed little competition for the trusty catalogue, it wasn’t long before the likes of ASOS became our go-to for a new party dress. The likes of Depop then sprang up on the mobile, followed shortly by increasing amounts of wearable … Read More

Return of the Brick

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As much as I hate to admit it, it appears that your Grandma’s ugly brick mobile phone you’ve been begging her to get rid of for years, may soon be more ‘in’ than your fresh IPhone 7. Having read about Donald Trump’s plans to implement anti-globalisation policies, watched the reboot … Read More

Snap.Send.View.Gone. Snapchat

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(Photo from : Pageone.com) Snap. Send. View. Gone. This has been the model for Snapchat since its creation by Evan Spiegel and Robert Murphy in 2011. Its success so far is undeniable. More generally, in the US 60% of users are under 34 and it’s the number one choice for … Read More

“A Dream of a Low Carbon Future” – a novel way to talk about climate change?

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The current state of climate change looks, for lack of a better word, bleak. Considering the recent shifts in the political and social agenda, climate change is pretty much at the bottom of the list for a lot of western civilization, at least for the time being. The majority of … Read More

Creating your own talent pool , the way forward ?

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(Photo from : the best you magazine) James Dyson has been complaining for a long time about the shortage of British engineers graduating from universities. Within one of these complaints after meeting the minister Jo Johnson, Dyson argued: “He said: Well, why don’t you do your own university? I thought … Read More

New app lets you buy leftover restaurant food

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The Gryphon speaks to Leeds grads Chris Wilson and Jamie Crummie about their quest to tackle the country’s food waste problem through their new app, Too Good to Go, that allows you to buy restaurants’ food at a fraction of the normal price. Over one million people in the UK … Read More

Is Officiating Technology Football’s Future?

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NO  –  James Candler  Since Raheem Sterling managed to execute a beautiful yet fortuitous cross in a recent League Cup semi-final match, the issue of goal-line technology has once again been in the spotlight. The apparent reaction to the decisive goal has been a swift and collective uproar which can … Read More

Technology and Terrorism: Is our cyber world safe from prying eyes?

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Computers and the internet have become so ingrained in our lives that many of us have become ambivalent to the security threat that surround this technology. To many, security is that annoying pop-up that appears at the bottom of your  screen, reminding you that you haven’t renewed your anti-virus software. … Read More

Benevolent suspicion: The digital privacy debate

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Imagine your normal morning routine: You wake up, turn on the TV or stream some music whilst you get something to eat; you text some friends, perhaps even make a phone call; you quickly browse the internet for the latest news whilst messaging friends via Facebook. It all seems fairly … Read More

Cracking the Code: An Interview with Alice Bentinck

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The Gryphon speaks to Alice Bentinck, founder of Code First: Girls, on why so few women work in technology. I first heard of Alice Bentinck when I picked up a copy of Tech City News, a magazine about the London tech scene, in a fiendishly overpriced cafe in Oslo. Homesick, … Read More