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Live At Leeds 2017 – 11 Acts Not To Miss

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In just over two weeks, venues right across the city will be awash with music for the stellar Live At Leeds. Not only that, 2017 marks the festival’s 10th anniversary, and it looks set to be its biggest year yet. Bringing together the best breakthrough talent with established acts from … Read More

Volcano by Temples

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Four years since their debut, Temples are back with their lysergic sophomore album Volcano, and it sounds like something The Beatles would produce if they were fed more psychedelics and handed a synth machine. Album opener ‘Certainty’ stomps in with heavy bass and gutsy drums, introducing Temples’ new, revolutionised sound. … Read More

Music | Temples live

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Temples The Cockpit 4/5 Where do you think of when someone mentions psychedelia? Spiritual (if drug-fuelled) journeys to India? 1960s LA in the summer? Certainly not the small midlands town of Kettering. Yet from this unlikeliest of places come Temples, one of 2014’s most promising bands. After their debut album Sun … Read More

Music | Album Review – Temples

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Temples Sun Structures 4/5 From the very beginning, the enigmatic guitar riff that runs through opening track ‘Shelter Song’ immediately encapsulates us in a world of spiralling colours and crazy hair and binds us to Temples’ debut album. Shut your eyes and imagine yourself floating down a narrow market street with the Bengali sun beating down … Read More