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Top 5 Places to Eat on Campus

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Bakery 164 – Heaven wrapped in ciabatta bread that offers a taste of sunshine for every tastebud alike with an incredible array of delicious sandwiches. Terrace – Conveniently placed in the centre of campus in our very own union. Offering a roof terrace to enjoy your meal. A tasty sit … Read More

Pints against policy?

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Union offers free pint in return for votes, contradicting assertion it “will never serve an alcoholic drink for less than £1.50”. Leeds University Union’s stance on alcohol has been called into question after they introduced free pints as part of a set of incentives to encourage people to vote in … Read More

Bitter off elsewhere? LUU drinks found to be pricier than first thought

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Gryphon study finds Old Bar and Terrace to be more expensive than local pubs and surrounding red brick universities. After conducting an investigation into the price of alcohol at different universities and local pubs, The Gryphon concludes that LUU is more expensive than similar student outlets and unions across the … Read More

LUU Music Society Campaign to Stop Old Bar Renovations

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LUU Music Society (LUUMS) have launched a petition to prevent Old Bar from being renovated, as part of the union’s multi-million pound upgrade. The plans include new wooden chairs, chess board tables and wall graphics. The Change.org petition, which has already attracted over 500 signatures, states: ‘The renovations to Old … Read More

The five days of Christmas (sandwiches)

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Monday I go inside Tesco to the perennially busy Meal Deal aisle. Today, six students have huddled round a spilled Fanta and are pointing accusatory fingers at one another. I skirt round and peruse the coolers for the Christmas offering. There is only one; turkey and trimmings, £2.20. I look … Read More

Union to provide free exam breakfast

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Leeds University Union will be making free breakfast available to all students during the exam period. Between 8am-9am during the slog, LUU’s Hidden Cafe will be providing free porridge to all students. Bacon, sausage and veggie sausage sandwiches will also be available free of charge in Terrace. LUU Union Affairs Officer Bradley … Read More

News | Worst loos revealed

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The toilets opposite the Terrace have been named as the worst toilets on campus, LS can reveal. Students spoke out about their disgust at some of the facilities in an LS survey, with most complaints citing those in the Union foyer and those outside the Old Bar. Most students commented … Read More

News | £50,000 Union pay gap revealed

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An LS investigation has found there are staggering differences in pay rates between Union employees. A ‘family tree’ of Union staff from a financial report reveals that monthly contracted cleaning and retail assistants are paid five times less than a Deputy Chief Executive or Resources Director. The pay gap works … Read More

News | Union's bargain booze

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The Union has the second cheapest student bars in the UK after Bristol. In a study tracking the cost of a single round of drinks, including a pint, vodka with mixer and a glass of wine the average Leeds student will pay an average of £6.27 for a round. In … Read More

RAG feels the biking burn

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Cyclists from across campus felt the burn on Wednesday, as they took part in an all-day charity ‘Bikeathon’. Perched on cycling machines in the Terrace bar, pairs of cyclists took shifts at pedaling from 10am to 6pm. The event was part of RAG Week, the seven-day-long extravaganza of fundraising organised … Read More