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Utøya: Should Filmmakers Continue to Depict Terrorist Attacks?

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With the news of the release of two separate films depicting the events of the 2011 Utøya attack in Norway, Mailies Fleming explores the moral implications of depicting terrorist attacks on screen. As the month of September ushered in the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in 2001, it seems … Read More

Turkish Court Convicts Leeds Ex-Soldier of Terrorism Offenses

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Joe Robinson, 25, was arrested and charged with terrorism offenses while on holiday in Turkey last year. He was accused of being a member of the YPG, a Kurdish armed group classed as a terrorist organisation by the Turkish government. I feel sorry for this guy and his girlfriend.Not smart … Read More

Left and Right: a binary reaction to terrorism

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The Manchester attack on Monday, which killed 22 people and injured many more, has once again reignited the binary reaction to terrorist atrocities that is intensely problematic when assessing such events. Across the political spectrum, on the right and left, there is a tendency to assign sole responsibility on one … Read More

Manchester Arena attack: a dark day for journalism

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‘Terror carnage’, ‘massacre’ – some of the headlines splashed across Britain’s front pages today after an explosion last night killed at least 22 people at Manchester Arena. Several newspapers featured the photograph of an injured young woman being helped from the arena by police officers. Another told of ‘desperate parents’ … Read More

The media and the white terrorist

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Months after the tragic murder of Jo Cox, her killer, Thomas Mair, is now being labelled as a ‘terrorist’ by some papers and media outlets. Those that aren’t using that word are being repudiated by their critics. But the arrival at reports of a ‘white terrorist’ have been delayed, as … Read More

Is Climate Change the Forgotten Factor in the Syrian War?

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Climate change is one of the factors that is shaping this world and can still have many unrealised effects on the planet, resulting in more widespread impact in human lives than originally thought. The effect of climate change in already volatile areas such as the Middle East and in countries … Read More

Following the Paris attacks, The Gryphon asks: Is it right to mourn the events of Paris on such a huge scale while neglecting to the same for non-western tragedies?

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Yes: With the sound of gunfire still ringing in their ears, Parisians and indeed the world mourn the deaths of over 130 innocent civilians. The French grieve for the loss of their compatriots whilst the global community reels from the stark brutality of the assault. Amongst the identified victims, one … Read More

ISIS: There is a world beyond the happy ending

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Terrorists have left the world reeling. I don’t mean just last week, or two weeks ago, or this year, or fourteen years ago. There isn’t a time limit on this one; terrorism has been working since time immemorial. Human beings are remarkable though – we don’t stay scared. Unfortunately, tragedy … Read More

A Time to Unite Through Football

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IT was a decision that, in light of Friday’s terrorism attacks in Paris, a national footballing governing body had to get right. And it did. After careful deliberation between the British government and the French Football Federation (FFA), it was announced that a 23-man French squad will travel to England … Read More

Terrorism Has No Religion

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Terrorism has no religion. If I could have that tattooed on my forehead (trust me, there is enough room) to suddenly appear in the aftermath of terrorist attacks I probably would. To say, at 18 years old I have studied every religion in the world would be a very bold … Read More