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Is Your Meal Deal Shattering Your Daily Sugar Allowance?

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Customers are facing serious health risks by consuming high sugar combination meal deals on a daily or regular basis, according to the charity Action on Sugar. They say some high-street lunch meal deals, a firm favourite of students, can contain up to 30 teaspoons of sugar, according to their research. … Read More

Business cyberattacks: Are your details safe?

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(Photo from : Musings of a Mario Minion) Another few weeks go by, another seemingly secure, reputable business has a cybersecurity breach. This month Tesco Bank fell prey, £2.5million was drained from around 9,000 current account holders. Tesco Bank moved quickly to refund all customers affected within 48 hours of the … Read More

The Art of Budgeting: Lunch

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Photo from (Lexis Nexis Being a student is all about mastering the delicate art of scrimping and saving and doing just about anything to avoid reaching that dreaded overdraft limit. This is certainly not always easy! If you’ve just left home, it is likely that budgeting for things like food … Read More

The five days of Christmas (sandwiches)

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Monday I go inside Tesco to the perennially busy Meal Deal aisle. Today, six students have huddled round a spilled Fanta and are pointing accusatory fingers at one another. I skirt round and peruse the coolers for the Christmas offering. There is only one; turkey and trimmings, £2.20. I look … Read More

Food | 5 exam season ready meals put to the test

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It’s deadline season and you don’t want to cook. Aside from a pack of custard creams, a low cost ready meal is the obvious alternative. But which one to choose? We’ve found the worst so you don’t have to. 1. Chicken Chow Mein, Tesco, a little over 5 minutes. This … Read More

News | Armed men rob Tesco

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Four armed robbers, carrying crowbars and hammers, held up a Tesco Express, on Burley Road last Saturday. The masked men entered the shop at 7pm and threatened staff and customers. West Yorkshire Police have said: “a substantial amount of cash and cigarettes” was stolen. One member of staff activated the … Read More

News | Tesco rips student's artwork

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An Art Design student has described how her work was ripped while on loan to Tesco. Third year student, Natalie Winwood, allowed the painting to be displayed at a Tesco Express on Boar Lane for their opening evening but when she returned to pick up the artwork she found it … Read More