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‘Constellations’ Looks For Love in an Infinite Universe

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Not so much a typical tale of romance, Nick Payne’s Constellations is a boy-meets-girl two-hander that explores the infinite outcomes of a relationship. A meeting, an intimate night, a betrayal, a reunion, a parting. The audience is constantly challenged to imagine every potential result of the situations presented while the … Read More

Review: TG's The Show Must – A farce with an original twist

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Theatre Group’s The Show Must takes the traditional form of farce and gives it an original twist. As the audience entered the theatre, the cast were arranged on stage engaged in vocal exercises. It soon became apparent that this is was a play within a play. Each member of the … Read More

Theatre | The Improvathon

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  Riley Smith Hall, March 14 Theatre Group’s 2013 charity Improvathon ran from 12 noon on Thursday the 14th of March until the same time on the following day, raising money for prostate cancer. The set up consisted of (twenty four) 45-minute episodes, for each of which an object, location, … Read More

Theatre | A Play in a Day

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5/5 Stars As one might expect, staging a play with only 12 hours of rehearsal time is no mean feat. However, I have to say Theatre Group managed it with such incredible style, they may have even beaten Oscar Wilde at his own game. The Importance of Being Earnest was … Read More

Preview | A Servant to Two Masters

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Seven Arts, March 12 – 14th A Servant to Two Masters is the latest full-scale production from LUU Theatre group. The show will start it’s three day run on March 12th, and, for the first time, is being produced entirely by level one students. I asked the directors Sammy, Lucy … Read More

Preview | A Play in a Day

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The Workshop Theatre, March 10th Comic Relief kicked off in style today with the cast of Fresh Meat appearing to deliver an impromptu comedy lecture on Leeds University Campus. With Red Nose Day only two weeks away, I met with Cordi Morrison and Tess Schofield to discuss LUU Theatre Group’s … Read More