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A Smoking Ban- The First Step To More Responsible Tourism

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With the announcement of the new law in Thailand to ban smoking on some of their top tourist beaches, the issue of responsible tourism can’t help but be thrown into the spotlight. Having been to Thailand this summer it was shocking to see the impact tourists have on once culturally … Read More

Campus Watch: Students show their grief for the King of Thailand

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The death of the King of Thailand on Thursday 13th October sent the country into a state of mourning. Thai citizens are showing their grief by wearing black and general solemnity, including closing bars and clubs. Students at Silpakorn University, which is the country’s leading university in the arts, have … Read More

Anonymous hacks Thai police websites in protest against Koh Tao murder verdict

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Image: BBC Cyber activist group Anonymous has hacked a number of websites to protest against the “scapegoating” of two Burmese men in the murder case of British tourists David Miller and Hannah Witheridge. Mr Miller, a Leeds University student, and Miss Witheridge were killed on the Thai island of Koh … Read More

UPDATE: Leeds graduate dies in Thailand

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The family of a Leeds University graduate who died in Thailand last week have paid tribute to their daughter who they claim died from natural causes. Posting on Christina Annesley’s Facebook page, her mother Margaret wrote, ‘We have lost our beautiful daughter Chrissie in Thailand of natural causes. We are … Read More

UPDATED: Men accused of killing former Leeds Uni Student withdraw confessions

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Two Burmese men accused of the murder of University of Leeds graduate David Miller and fellow backpacker Hannah Witheridge, have retracted their confessions. The bodies of the two Brits were found on the 15 September, on the southern Thai island of Koh Tao. Both Miller, 24, and Witheridge, 23, had … Read More

UPDATED: Suspects confesses to murder of student backpackers

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Two men have confessed to the killings of two British backpackers in Thailand. One of the victims University of Leeds graduate David Miller, who was found dead earlier this month. Both accused men were members of the group three Burmese migrant workers who were initially detained. The third man has maintained his … Read More

News | False hope over missing student

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The family of a Leeds University student who has been missing for a decade was forced to re-visit the tragedy this week after remains found in Cambodia were initially thought to be Eddie’s. Eddie Gibson, who went missing in October 2004 while backpacking, was a first year studying Asian and … Read More

TV | Hairy Bikers' Asian Adventure – An aesthetic delight for eyes and ears alike

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This series sees the return of the Hairy Biker duo, Dave Myers and Si King, as they explore the culinary delights of Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong and South Korea. The array of settings is nothing short of sensational, ranging from mountain tops to forest groves, heaving markets to coastal Edens. … Read More

Science | Elephants express empathy like humans

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Empathy has finally been experimentally expressed in elephants. The creatures have been documented exhibiting behavioral examples of empathy towards each other, acknowledging the pain or distress of another elephant. Notably, they are even reported to elicit efforts to heroically help one another. Elephant populations are declining, their ivory deemed more precious than their existence; … Read More