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The decision has already been made: Psychology of voting

2 years ago / 0 comments

You walk into the voting booth and before you are your choices. You’ve weighed the facts, considered each candidate for their merits yet you remain uncertain about your choice. For some unknown reason you drift towards one candidate over the other. You can’t put your finger on exactly why, but … Read More

How do hurricanes form?

4 years ago / 0 comments

Last Friday Bermuda had to face winds with speeds up to 110mph when hurricane Gonzalo hit its shores. The remnants of the hurricane reached Ireland  on Monday night and will clear its way through the East coast of Great Britain at speeds of 70 mph right  through to tonight (Wednesday). … Read More

The decline of the iPod

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‘1000 songs in your pocket’, a revolution in music and a revolution in technology. The iPod kickstarted Apples dominance in tech, paving the way for both the iPhone and iPad. Whether you had a classic, a nano or even a shuffle, the iPod family made you instantly cooler, providing a … Read More

Protein shakes: pretty pointless or scientifically sound?

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Protein shakes seem to be the latest trend to sweep this health-crazed nation, and are targeted at both the ‘bulking’ gym lovers, and those desperate to lose that extra freshers’ weight.  However, what do users really know about the powder they religiously slurp? Protein shakes are milkshakes with added protein … Read More

Ashya King’s fight for Proton Beam Therapy

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A few weeks ago, an international manhunt propelled the story of Ashya King into the spotlight: a boy whose parents removed him from hospital and escaped to Spain where they were seeking an alternative cancer treatment, without the consent of their doctor.  The word alternative here does not refer to … Read More