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From Roots to Wings: Sharon Watson Discusses Her Path to Success and Dance’s Ability to Respond to Art

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While dance and visual arts tend to exist under the same ‘arts’ category, it is not very common to consider the dance that you see on stage to have much in common with a stationary installation of a stretched pair of tights in a gallery. For starters, one is static … Read More

Stewart Mason: Education, Collection, Exhibition

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Catherine Doucette discusses the artist who revolutionised Arts education in the UK… The seminar at the Henry Moore Institute, Stewart Mason: Education, Collection, Exhibition, featured three scholarly speakers who discussed the educational and artistic significance of Stewart Mason, an advocate for arts education and key figure in the City Sculpture … Read More

The City Sculptures Project 1972 @ Henry Moore

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Upon entering the gallery, we are subjected to the intimidating gaze of the five-metre-tall King Kong sculpture that appears to almost guard the gallery. A gaze, stature and magnificence that creates a curious dialogue between you and the sculpture, an idea echoed inside. In 1972, City Sculpture Projects funded by … Read More

Henry Moore Opens The Door

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As the Henry Moore Institute held its annual open day for students, In The Middle took a peek inside the world of sculpture and art… The Henry Moore Institute is Leeds’ foremost centre for sculptural art and last week they held their annual academic open day. It was a day … Read More

Art | Vladimir Markov: Displays and Fictions

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3/5 Stars At the Henry Moore Institute, the Vladimir Markov exhibition displays the artist’s sculpture through a set of photographs, publications and a painting dating from 1910. A Latvian painter and originally an art theorist, he explored a universal theory for the development and understanding of art which centred on … Read More