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The Interview – should it have been made, and is it any good?

4 years ago / 0 comments

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s The Interview finally snuck into UK cinemas last Friday, arriving to a fairly muted reception – it just scraped a place in the UK top ten in last weekend’s box figures. It seems somewhat surprising it didn’t perform better, given the seismic controversy which preceded … Read More

The Interview: Madeline Miller

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    Lucy Holden catches up with the newest member of the global literati, Madeline Miller, this week to talk everything books over transatlantic airwaves.  Madeline Miller’s head is spinning. In May this year Miller won the Orange Prize for Fictionwith her debut novel The Song Of Achilles and has been swept … Read More

The Interview: Jay Rayner

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  Over coffee at The Ivy Observer food critic and regular MasterChef judge Jay Rayner tells Lucy Holden about metaphorically sharpening his knives, a feature that landed him in a Dutch bath with a hooker and a gram of coke, and why you shouldn’t take him so seriously. When a … Read More