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The Problem with Apu: When Stereotypes Aren’t Funny Anymore

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As an almost permanent fixture of primetime TV for 28 years, The Simpsons has become an integral part of our cultural landscape. But there’s an intrinsic problem with this most beloved of cartoons, the subject of which is explored in comedian Hari Kondabolu’s new documentary, The Problem with Apu. Although … Read More

TV | Is it time The Simpsons left our screens?

4 years ago / 0 comments

On December 17th 1989, The Simpsons first aired. Margaret Thatcher was still Prime Minister and the Berlin Wall had fallen only a few weeks earlier – the world was a different place. Weathering comments from Presidents and parental concern groups, The Simpsons has finally made it to its twenty-sixth season, … Read More

TV | Freeview Flicks of the Week – Airplane!, Dogtooth and Starter for Ten

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Our weekly LSi best freeview flicks picks are here! This week we go to university, take a trip to Springfield and got lost in the meaning of life.   MONDAY – Airplane! (Film4 19:15) When it comes to spoof comedies there is only one man you need to turn to; … Read More

TV | The Simpsons Season 16 on DVD

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It hasn’t been the best of times for The Simpsons. Oh sweet Jebus, let’s just say it: it has been the very blurst of times. Yes, the show still rakes in the big bucks and yes, while it continues to do so FOX will probably renew it into oblivion. But … Read More

TV | LSi top TV picks to get you in the mood for Halloween

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So you want to get into the Halloween spirit but you have your dissertation looming over your head. Procrastination is one thing, but you just can’t bring yourself to watch The Human Centipede: Full Sequence, and Caspar the Friendly Ghost just doesn’t cut it anymore. Halloween television is a mixed … Read More

TV | The Simpsons

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The year was 1989 and possibly the most famous family in the world was about to make their debut on the Tracey Ulman Show. Within three years the show was pulling in 13.4 million viewers in its first proper series on prime time television. In the intervening years the Simpsons … Read More