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Hillsborough families report: Why has it taken 28 years?

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The fact that it has taken 28 years for a Hillsborough families report is nothing short of a national disgrace. Many Hillsborough family members and also survivors of the disaster have had to deal with awful mental health problems as a result of the tragedy in 1989.  An example of … Read More

If you want to win the youth vote, you’ve got to speak their language

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“Children are to be seen and not heard”, so goes the idiom. And so goes the Tory party’s strategy towards young voters as well, according to their 2017 election campaign. If the Tories want to know why they so categorically failed to gain their predicted landslide, then the party needs … Read More

Emma Watson vs. The Sun

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Since rising to fame as a child actress in one of the world’s biggest movie franchises, Emma Watson has used her status to fight for gender equality. She first moved us with her speech at the UN HeForShe conference back in 2014, in which she explained feminism, her personal experience … Read More

TV | Celebrity Big Brother – Boobs, bigots and bedlam

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As what seems like the one billionth series of Celebrity Big Brother has come to an end, and the word celebrity is used in its very loosest sense, LSi reflects on the longevity of this TV show format and whether it’s really worth watching. Certain trends often implicate the popularity … Read More

News | Students axe The Sun

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The Sun newspaper has been banned from sale at the Union, following a student vote. Politics student, Niall MacLaughlin submitted the idea for the Union to support the No More Page 3 campaign by refusing to sell The Sun. MacLaughlin told LS: “it is my belief, shared by many other … Read More

News | The Sun banned from Leeds University Union

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The Sun newspaper has been banned from sale at Leeds University Union following a vote by students. The decision was made during the Better Union, Better University, Better Leeds Forums by a panel of twelve students who were selected to vote on the idea. The Forums give students the chance … Read More

Debate: Breast Intentions

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One of Britain’s most popular papers, The Sun, has been printing topless models alongside top news stories for decades. But recent discussion and campaigns have condemned page three as sexist and outdated. This week Big Debate asks, should there be an end to page three girls? YES: Ruby Lott-Lavigna If … Read More