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Theatre Group’s “No Exit” Brings Existentialism Into The Modern Age

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Two hours of dialogue set in the same, Victorian-style drawing room doesn’t jump out to me as a performance; in fact, I’d ordinarily be deterred. But the difference from what one may expect, is that No Exit is set in hell, the heat of which only stirs up the growing … Read More

Love, Dystopia and Baked Beans: LUU Open Theatre’s Jellyfish

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Lucy Keitley reviews LUU Open Theatre’s Production of Jellyfish, a play by Josh Kirby and Hugo Jones. Jellyfish is a post-apocalyptic tale of the extremities of human existence; broken bonds, tyrannical rulers and finally a hope of blossoming love. The play, written by Hugo Jones and Josh Kirby, follows the … Read More

Greig’s Play Europe WIll Make You Reevaluate What Home Means

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Set in a train station without any trains, David Greig’s border-town drama delves into issues of global conflict and local identity. Through the exploration of relationships and borders, those that are new, old, secure and otherwise, contemporary concerns of internal and external displacement are brought to light within Europe and … Read More

Why There Are No Theatre Celebrities

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I love the theatre. I am what one may call a ‘theatre nerd’. I pride myself on knowing cast lists, touring dates and musical scores off by heart. My Instagram feed is full of Broadway actors, directors and local theatre houses. These are my celebrities, but it has become blatantly … Read More

Is Vlogging Enhancing Our West End Experience?

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In the West End world, a number of actors are sharing their lives through vlogging. Heathers the Musical’s Carrie Hope Fletcher is a prime example, publishing The Veronica Vlogs almost every week, keeping fans updated in all aspects of her life as a lead actress. So does this behind-the-scenes footage … Read More

A Memorable Debut: Blackthorn Returns to Leeds Playhouse

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‘What you think’s a completely different plant on surface – it’s all from the same roots.’ What is it about your first love? That overwhelming intensity that makes you feel as though you own one another? It is this possessiveness, this feeling of being tied to someone, that Charley Miles’ … Read More

Out of This World Performance: One Giant Leap

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Student-produced shows can be a mixed bag of low production value, amateur performances, and poor storytelling, but every once in a while, there is a hidden gem. A show that completely exceeds expectations and reminds you of the extreme talent possessed by young creatives. One Giant Leap definitely falls into … Read More

InTheMiddle with Denis Lawson

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You’ve seen him as rebel alliance fighter pilot, Wedge Antilles, in the original Star Wars trilogy; you might also know him as the uncle of Ewan McGregor. But with an acting career than spans over nearly fifty years, Denis Lawson is now ready to conquer a whole new galaxy: the … Read More

Marching On Together: Red Ladder and WYP’s The Damned United

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The famous blue and yellow of Leeds United has become somewhat synonymous with locally based Red Ladder of late for their co-production of The Damned United with the West Yorkshire Playhouse. Nevertheless, I was intrigued to see if Director Rod Dixon could transform David Peace’s bestselling book into another piece … Read More

A Memorable Performance: The Nature of Forgetting

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Arts writer, Caitlin Tilley casts her thoughts on Theatre Re’s latest project at West Yorkshire Playhouse. I was unsure what to expect from Theatre Re’s The Nature of Forgetting, but I was intrigued to see how they would translate the theme of dementia into drama. Having collaborated with UCL Neuroscience … Read More