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Total Recall – The Science behind Genetic Memory

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Have you ever known something without having a clue why? Well, memories, experiences and knowledge that we have never experienced or learnt ourselves can be inherited from our ancestors. This occurs through genetic or ancestral memory; memory which is passed down from preceding generations by DNA and has been linked … Read More

Tim Goodall: ‘The Green Party offers something different and offers hope’

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The Green Party’s candidate for Leeds North West, Tim Goodall, was extremely popular with students at the University’s election debates. Promising to scrap University fees, pay a living wage, protect public services and double the amount that local authorities spend on youth services, the Green Party clearly grasp the interests … Read More

Laugh Riot is Coming to Leeds

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Gina Yashere has travelled the world with her comedy and now she is back in Britain with her new show Laugh Riot, which will be in Leeds’ City Varieties Music Hall on 26th March. She spoke to The Gryphon about her travels, being a female comedian and her future plans. … Read More

The Most Hated Women

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From Josie Cunningham to Anita Sarkeesian, women online are subject to a seemingly constant barrage of hate and abuse. The Gryphon explores the phenomenon of online harrassment. At some point in most people’s lives they will be the recipient of online abuse, with so-called ‘keyboard warriors’ directing torrents of hatred … Read More

Blind Date: Melissa meets Ivan

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Fourth-year English student Melissa met third-year Electronic Engineering student Ivan at Trinity Kitchen for a spot of Rola Wala.  Has love got anything to do with this date? Melissa on Ivan What did you expect? This being my very first blind date (for journalistic purposes), times are not that tough, … Read More

Roxane Gay: Think Big, Act Smart

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Editor-in-chief Jasmine Andersson speaks to Guardian US columnist and ‘Bad Feminist’ Roxane Gay about her heroes, intersectionality, and Scrabble. What is the definition of a feminist to you?  Feminism is pluralistic. There are multiple definitions and ways of approaching feminism. That said, we have to start somewhere. A feminist believes … Read More

Under the Covers: An Interview with Vagenda

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Features Editor Ruby Lott-Lavigna talks to Holly Baxter and Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett, the brains behind the hugely successful feminist website, the Vagenda, and authors of The Vagenda: A Zero Tolerance Guide to the Media. Not wanting to mess up this opportunity to interview the Vagenda editors, I arrive at Rhiannon’s … Read More

Should Civil Partnerships be open to heterosexual couples?

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Yes Jasmine Andersson Civil ceremonies were initially introduced as a poor cousin to marriage in order to not only demean LGBTQ relationships, but to heighten the virtues of marriage. Although this agenda still sits stiffly with the conservative preserve-makers of British society, it left the youth of the population juggling … Read More

Blind Date: Ruby meets Harvey

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Fourth-year English student Ruby met French and Politics graduate Harvey in Call Lane’s Distrikt for some tapas and a good bottle of red. However, did their fiery locks set each other alight? Ruby on Harvey: What did you expect? Beyond low expectations. Having to drudge through a few hours of … Read More

A Voice for who?: The Gryphon investigates Male Rights Activism

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The MRA movement has consistently gained attention for its controversial position in a world where feminism is becoming more and more status quo. From ‘GamerGate’, to the deep dark realms of 4chan, their voices are emerging in the age of the internet, more often than not in a reactionary and … Read More