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Young Entrepreneurs’ Idea Takes Off

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The Gryphon interviews Tim Knickmann, cofounder of the business venture JetLink, a project aiming to make chartered air travel accessible. As Tim relaxes in to his seat with a coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other, it’s clear to see that he has already adopted the manner … Read More

A Week For, Hopefully, a Long Career in Finance

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Photo from : Wikipedia Most people interested in Finance will have heard of the so-called “Spring weeks”; the mystical and elusive ‘internships’ for first years. I got accepted for three internships: Rothschild and HSBC, which I managed to attend, and UBS, which I was unfortunately not able to attend due … Read More

Another Fragment in the Rise of Modern Populism

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On Wednesday (14.03.2017), the Dutch went to the polls. The options were varied, with 28 parties running for seats in parliament. And like so many political events since the summer of 2016, populism is overshadowing this event. Up until around two weeks ago, the party of Geert Wilders (the Party … Read More

Uber CEO calls out for Help after Latest Feud

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Uber has not had a good start to its year. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has been filmed swearing at one of the companies drivers who was expressing his grievances about falling incomes and the structure of payments. The day after Kalanick apologised to his employees stating “It’s clear this video … Read More

Moving money in/to the 21st Century: the new Peer-to-Peer payment system

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Do you know PayPal’s vision when it was created? Well it was one of smiling people that split the bill after having brunch together but don’t have to squander their time looking for correct change. Well I think it is fair to assume that that has not become reality. I … Read More

Peugeot Gearing up for Acquisition of GM European Unit

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On Tuesday (February 14th) it was revealed that Peugeot (formally PSA Group) is in advanced talks to buy GM’s European Unit. For most of us that is Opel/Vauxhall. To give some context to the deal; Peugeot has been in varying alliances since 1992. They have been liaised with BMW, Toyota, … Read More

Putting the Chips down: Gambling in the Student Body

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Reading the Statistics for Student budgeting is grizzly. Average spending is £745 a month, while receiving only £480 in maintenance loans. Although a fair proportion earn extra money through subsidisation from parents (71%), this still is not enough for some people; a% have a part time job. In trying to … Read More

Putting the fag out: the future of smoking

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(Photo from: StopSmokingNews) Ask someone standing outside Terrace with a pint in one hand and a cigarette in the other about their smoking habit. The conversation will probably go along these lines: “Are you a smoker?” “No”, “You are smoking right now though ” , “But I’m not a smoker, … Read More

Snap.Send.View.Gone. Snapchat

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(Photo from : Pageone.com) Snap. Send. View. Gone. This has been the model for Snapchat since its creation by Evan Spiegel and Robert Murphy in 2011. Its success so far is undeniable. More generally, in the US 60% of users are under 34 and it’s the number one choice for … Read More

Teaching Excellence Fiasco

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In November of 2015, the government published a paper titled “Fulfilling our Potential: Teaching Excellence, Social Mobility and Student Choice”. This was followed up by a Green Paper (“The Teaching Excellence Framework: Assessing quality in Higher Education”) in February 2016 and a final White Paper in May (“Success as a … Read More