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News | No living wage for contracted staff

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Vice Chancellor, Sir Alan Langlands, will not pay all staff the living wage, LS can reveal. In a letter to the Leeds University Living Wage Campaign, the VC said he had decided not to pay contracted-out staff the Living Wage. Sir Langlands also revealed he had increased hourly pay for … Read More

Features | The truth about social class at uni

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We might think University is a blank slate where we can start afresh, but our upbringing and background count for more than you might think. LS investigates the thorny issue of class.   In a novel by the 19th century writer and politician Benjamin Disraeli, a working class radical warns … Read More

Features | The Living Wage: it’s only fair

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The University relies on its cleaners and other ancillary workers, but often they are employed by external companies without the same rights as university staff. LS looks at the latest developments on campus.   Crawling into the seminar room at 10am, possessions trailing behind and brain still suffering from over exposure to high levels of Fruity, … Read More