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Is Feminism a commodity?

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Following the recent #MeToo allegations against Topshop owner Sir Philip Green, Harriet Timmins discusses the fine lines which come with political fashion. In the wake of what has been dubbed the British #MeToo scandal, which has seen Sir Philip Green – the man that dominates our high street – accused … Read More

Cowboy Boots: The Marmite of Shoes

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Love them or hate them, the Wild, Wild West is back. That’s right. Cowboy boots are a thing again. Ask someone for their opinion of cowboy boots and you’re likely to get a mixed reception. For some, cowboy boots are a heresy best left for Clint Eastwood in movies only … Read More

#MeToo and the Silencing of the Press

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It has been an unholy tradition for many years that powerful people can silence accusers using defamation suits, NDAs, and other legal tools that are weaponized in order to rummage through the life of accusers both financially and emotionally. The Me-Too movement was built on the foundation of brave people … Read More

Philip Green named as businessman at the heart of British #MeToo scandal

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Two weeks ago an old man strode into a teen clothing shop, spotted a pink pop-up stand promoting a collection of feminist essays and, offended to his misogynistic core, demanded that staff tear it down 20 minutes after its erection. A week on from his tantrum in Topshop (which he … Read More

Outrage As Topshop Dismantles Feminist Pop-up Stand

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Topshop was under fire last week after the removal of a feminist pop-up book promotion stand at their flagship Oxford Street store in London. The partnership was set up between Topshop and Penguin Publishers to promote feminist books including “Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (And Other Lies)” which was written in … Read More

Frankie’s Fabulous style combo: Outfit of the Week

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The lovely Frankie has kindly gifted us with another one of her famous style combos for this Outfit of the Week, contrasting light grey colours with a bold black coat for a winning look. The Jeans- Warehouse Beginning with the basis of a killer outfit, these jeans bought from Warehouse … Read More

The High Street’s Top Trios

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Our experience of the high street is ultimately the one thing that keeps drawing us back. It has become a weekly ritual to throw away our hard-earned cash in exchange for the clothes of our dreams (or the nearest alternative that won’t bankrupt us). So, to reflect on the stores … Read More

Your wardrobe will be turning into the upside down with Topshop’s Stranger Things collection

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All recent evidence points to this: Guns N’ Roses t-shirts are no more. TV t-shirts are the new band t-shirts, and Netflix series Stranger Things has taken the stage. After its incredibly successful debut season last year, it has become pop culture’s new cult TV show. And the ultimate proof … Read More

Rain rain come again, you give me an excuse to go shopping!

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With winter fast approaching and rainclouds looming overhead, panic buying three pairs of the same black jeans and twenty grey chunky knits may seem like a viable option. Fear not – it is possible to avoid looking like a pig in a blanket during the cold and dreary months. Patent … Read More

How ‘See Now Buy Now’ is the Future of Fashion

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Will this new wave of fashion stick around for more than one season?  On September 18th, Topshop Unique launched their first ever ‘see now buy now’ collection at London Fashion Week, the ‘beginning of a new wave of fashion’ according to fashion journalist Melanie Rickey. Following the spring summer runway … Read More