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Bullying is bad – unless you’re a Tory

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Kane Emerson (Image courtesy of Daily Mail)

About last night: where are we now?

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Theresa May’s snap election didn’t go entirely to plan. Much has changed, but not in the way most forecasted, with the Tories only to be saved from a hung parliament by the support of Northern Ireland’s DUP. Labour took seats across England, Scotland and Wales, whilst the Tories were saved by … Read More

Thousands march against Tory education bill

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Over 15,000 students and lecturers campaigned against the proposed changes. Last Saturday, thousands of students and lecturers from across the UK travelled to London to oppose imminent government changes to Higher Education.  The march from Park Lane to Parliament Square was followed by a rally including speakers such as the … Read More

Comment | Hard Working Families

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The slogan ‘For Hardworking People’ loomed over the smug head of David Cameron at the Conservative Party conference back in September, where he unveiled a number of policies designed, he claimed, to help ‘hard working families’. It’s one of the their favourite soundbite phrases, often accompanied by the loaded epithet, … Read More