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Government Urged to “Give North a Fair Deal on Transport”

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Analysis by a leading think tank has shown that infrastructure spending in Yorkshire is lower than any other region and has urged the government to do more to increase transport spending across the North of England. According to a hard hitting report by IPPR North, transport spending in Yorkshire and the Humber amounts … Read More

Government to consider Maglev train linking Leeds and Manchester

2 years ago / 0 comments

Plans for a brand new underground railway where trains can travel at 300mph, linking Leeds and Manchester in just 9 minutes, have been handed to officials. The new high speed train would run underneath the Pennines and could connect Leeds to Manchester with trains that travel at more than 100mph faster … Read More

The Future of Northern Transport ?

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Can you imagine a 9 minute journey from Leeds to Manchester? Well, this is not too far from becoming a reality. Direct City Networks has drawn up plans for a line that connects the North area, Liverpool-Manchester-Leeds-Hull, with a 350mph “magnet levitation” train. It will not use conventional “long trains” … Read More

Why is HS2 so Controversial?

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(Photo from : Leedslist.com ) Therese May recently voiced her plans to help those who have been left behind by globalisation and improving productivity is central to restoring this imbalance. The productivity gap is clear, as UK workers produce 35% less per hour than their German counterparts. The Chancellor of … Read More

Comment | Nationalise our Railways

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Sometimes, Nationalisation is the best solution. I don’t see travelling in modern Britain as being ‘romantic’ in any way. We’ll never see a British road-movie hitting the box office anytime soon. If such a film were to be released, I dread to think what the plot would involve. The very … Read More