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In The Middle with Wolf Alice

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In 2012, Wolf Alice first gained airplay on Radio One after releasing a free download on Soundcloud. Five years later, and the band have had a UK number 2 album, sold out shows in 10 seconds, and have a film about them set to be released. But, despite this, “we … Read More

Gryph Picks: Top 10 Movie Soundtracks

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When watching a film, you’re engaged with the action on screen, but the music behind the scene can often slip by without you realising it. But well composed or selected soundtracks are key to making a good film a great film, and have you leaving the cinema not with the … Read More

T2 Trainspotting: A Film For Its Addicts

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On a simplistic level, the box office success of T2 Trainspotting can be easily attributed to the expansion of Trainspotting’s fan-base over the last two decades. The wide critical acclaim and new generation of viewers has accumulated to create a numerically greater audience that has led to the economic success … Read More

‘Trainspotting’ Review: A strong, striking performance

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Before the first line is even delivered, Theatre Group’s Trainspotting stage adaptation drops you into a narcotic-tinted universe, as we are greeted with thumping techno, wavy dancers and a disorientating set. So striking is the set that it proves to almost become a character within the play, transporting us around a grungy Edinburgh with … Read More