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Does The LGBT+ Community Have A Problem With Hierarchy?

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The LGBT+ community is frequently called the ‘gay community’ by much of wider society. This seems exclusive and would be all too easy to write off as a privileged majority playing catch up if the queer community wasn’t also part of the problem. Whilst mentions of gay pride and the … Read More

India isn’t “catching up”, it was colonialism that brought anti-LGBT+ attitudes to the country.

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The legacy of colonialism is ever-enduring. Since the 1600s, European powers Spain, Portugal, Germany, and Britain alike have been colonizing all over the world. Age-old Conservatives, including dear-old Boris, speak of traditional “British” values and the benefits of British sovereignty. The British Empire no longer exists but traditionalists are still … Read More

Ex-Exec Embroiled in Transgender Rights Row

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Online forum Mumsnet has reported itself to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK data regulator, following an intern publishing the IP addresses of website users in a dispute over transgender rights. The intern in question, Emma Healey, served as LUU Equality and Diversity Officer and a trustee of the … Read More

Kate O’Donnell’s ‘You’ve Changed’

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Juliette Rowsell, The Gryphon’s Digital Associate, gives herself a break from website headaches, reviewing Kate O’Donnell’s bare-all performance in her play, You’ve Changed. In 2003, Coronation Street featured its first gay kiss. It is also the year that Kate O’Donnell, tonight’s host, decided to transition. At the heart of her heart-warming … Read More

Louis Vuitton Model Teddy Quinlivan comes out as transgender at New York Fashion Week

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In an exclusive CNN interview, 23-year-old model Teddy Quinlivan has announced her transgender identity at the finale of New York Fashion Week. Quinlivan’s modelling career rocketed after appearing in a Louis Vuitton show two years ago and, since then, she has worked for the likes of Gucci, Versace and Fendi, … Read More

The fight for equality (literally)

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Whilst the LGBTQ community have overcome many challenges in the fight for equality it is clear that the struggle is far from over. After the recent news of a transgender teen being forced to compete in a girl’s wrestling tournament, the rights of the transgender community are once again called … Read More

Campus Watch: Trump administration attacks students’ transgender rights on campuses across the nation

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The Trump administration has withdrawn federal guidance which gives transgender students access to bathrooms which match their gender identity. The move could give many schools an excuse to restrict trans rights. The Obama administration issued guidance in 2016 that interprets discrimination on gender identity as part of discriminating on the … Read More

The politics of peeing

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In an unsurprising turn of events last week, Donald Trump rescinded truly basic federal guidance which protected the most rudimentary needs of transgender youth. This guidance was issued only last year by Obama, and required trans students in American schools to be allowed access to the locker rooms and bathrooms … Read More

Vigil for lives lost to trans hate

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Students gather to commemorate those killed as a result of transphobic violence and hate. On Monday evening, a group of people (many drenched, some holding lanterns) filled the foyer of the University’s Union to take part in a minute’s silence to remember all of the trans people who have died … Read More

Transgender Day of Remembrance in LUU

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November the 21st marks Trans Day of Remembrance. 2016 has been the deadliest year on record for trans people, and in particular trans women of colour, as many have been unlawfully killed. At 5.30pm, the Union will hold a vigil to commemorate those that we have lost, which will be … Read More