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Why Hong Kong?

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In Leeds, I found that whenever someone asked me where I was spending my year abroad, they expected me to say Australia, Canada, America, or sometimes even New Zealand. I thoroughly enjoyed watching their expression after I said I was going to Hong Kong. It was nice to surprise them … Read More

A Smoking Ban- The First Step To More Responsible Tourism

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With the announcement of the new law in Thailand to ban smoking on some of their top tourist beaches, the issue of responsible tourism can’t help but be thrown into the spotlight. Having been to Thailand this summer it was shocking to see the impact tourists have on once culturally … Read More

Volunteering Abroad: Do You Only Get What You Give?

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This summer, I undertook a volunteering placement in Senegal, West Africa, doing a care placement to help street children, called ‘Talibés’, in a volunteer centre. Talibés are young boys aged from as young as three to twenty-one years old, who have been sent into urban areas to go to school … Read More

Settling into life at Leeds as an international student: experience and advice

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Settling into the UK at university was completely different to my high school experience in the UK. Nevertheless, it was still a challenge. Initially when I arrived (having lived already in the UK for 6 years previously), I had an idea of British culture. For that reason perhaps my settling … Read More

Cycling through the US: a travel diary

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When I was younger, my dad would paraphrase a Chinese saying: “Do one thing every day that scares you.” Today, I’m a 4th year medical student and whilst I work hard and I’m good at jumping through hoops, there have been very few times in my life when I was … Read More

Shanghai: a city of visible progression

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During the months of July and August this year I interned in Shanghai, China. Although it wasn’t my first visit to the world’s most populous city, it highlighted quite how much the city has progressed in recent years. Gone are the dusty streets that previously littered the cities of the … Read More

Montana: America’s Hidden Gem

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Often overlooked for more cosmopolitan and well-known US destinations, the state of Montana is a hidden gem with plenty of beauty and charm for travelers to enjoy and explore. Spending the summer in southwest, Montana has been quite the adventure and has opened my eyes to all that the area … Read More

The Safari Diaries: Day 2

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What people forget to tell you about Africa is that it gets cold there, too – colder than you would expect, especially out in the Savannah. That’s why at 6 a.m. on my second day in South Africa I set off to see the elephants looking like this: Despite nearly freezing … Read More

The Safari Diaries: Day 1

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Ever since I was little, I have been fascinated by wildlife. When I was eight my mom bought a collection of National Geographic documentaries, each film focussed on a different animal, and I spent all summer watching and re-watching the movies. I think that was when I decided I needed … Read More

How to become a Travel Writer with Megan Eaves from Lonely Planet

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Getting paid to travel the world and write about your experiences is a job many of us can only dream of. Yet for Megan Eaves, North Asia Destination Editor for Lonely Planet, being a travel writer is her nine to five… Before her talk at the The Business Confucius Institute’s … Read More