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The Wonders of Ulster

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Malin-Head, Inishowen, Donegal: Malin-Head something of rare and rural beauty. You can climb Banba’s Crown and be standing at the most Northern point in Ireland and guess what? It’s not even in Northern Ireland, logic. On a windy day you’ll be graced with the Atlantic slamming against the cliffs, on … Read More

Countryside Trips to Cure Your City Claustrophobia

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With exams finally out of the way and the end of January in sight, now is the perfect time to get a much needed change of scenery before Laidlaw pulls you back into its clutches. As much as you may or may not be enjoying your self-pity party, you’ll feel … Read More

Don’t be surprised when Americans are jealous of where you live…

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Jade Verbick give us an insider’s view of travel in the UK compared to the USA… The United States is well-known for its odd food combinations and ridiculous politics. It is also known, to a lesser extent, for its beautiful natural features and awe-inspiring monuments. While there is a lot … Read More

In search of The Quiet American in Ho Chi Minh City…

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After immersing myself in all things Graham Greene during a module for my English Literature M.A. at the University of Leeds earlier this year, I could not resist seeking out the memorable locations featured in The Quiet American, during a recent trip to Ho Chi Minh City. I step onto … Read More

What You Won’t Have Thought of When Travelling With a Friend

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This is a bit of a warning but also a sturdy starter pack for those thinking of having a jaunt of their own. There are certain things that go without saying before you go away: what you should take with you; to always have all your travel documents together etc. … Read More

Finding your feet: Top tips for Freshers

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Top TV Tips: Buy a TV Licence… Split a Netflix account between your flat, find a series you all like and binge it together. Try Amazon Prime for a free trial, but make sure you opt out within 60 days to avoid the £60 joining fee. Don’t forget series link! … Read More

The Odyssey of The Yorkshire Dales

2 years ago / 2 comments

CAMPING. At its best, an edifying rendezvous between man and nature. At its worst, an excruciating week of bitter, sleepless nights and cabin fever. This summer, I camped with my family in the Yorkshire Dales, a stone’s throw from Leeds (provided you can throw a stone about twenty miles or so), … Read More

Mind How You Go: A How-To Guide For Travelling and Mental Health

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Nerves and anxiety are a natural part of travelling – you are stepping into the unknown and our fight or flight instincts kick in. With so many societies offering trips abroad over the Christmas break and even more students going away with friends or family, The Gryphon explores what it … Read More

“Guayaquil de mis amores” – Ecuador’s Hidden Beauty

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If you are willing to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, to the far side of South America you will find a little corner of the world that is home to 16 million people. Despite it being one of the more overlooked South American countries, Ecuador will surprise you with its … Read More

Luxembourg: Off the beaten track

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Few could say that Luxembourg is top of their list for a long weekend away, but after spending four days there I couldn’t recommend it more. Nestled between France, Germany and Belgium, Luxembourg hardly stands out on the map. In fact, it wasn’t even visible on my scratch-away map, much … Read More