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No Pain, No Gain: Are Heels Worth the Hassle?

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“Periods, giving birth, menopause… stilettos.” The process of wearing heels was finely stated by goggle-box star, Chris, a few years back. As an Essex girl myself, I’ve always loved getting glammed up and high heels have always been a staple item of mine and many girls’ wardrobes. So, I’d reached the … Read More

Trends Alert: stay in touch with style in 2018

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Keeping up with the trends in such a rapidly changing fashion world can be near impossible, however fashion writer, Jemima Ward, is here to help. As winter draws to a close, there’s more than a couple of trends that are worth trying out, whilst there’s also plenty of inspiration for … Read More

Sharp styles for the summer

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With the month of January finally over, the change of seasons is fast approaching.  With the change of season in mind, Style editors Stephanie Waring and  Sara AlHumiri run us through their best outfits for the summer. Sara AlHumiri During the golden hour, coloured shades are one of the best accessories a … Read More

Dive into Dua Lipa’s style file

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Dua Lipa, British singer- songwriter and model, is one of the most stylish celebrity you’ll find. Mixing the most feminine items of clothing with some baggy pieces on tour, at home or on stage, everything works with her body. Dua’s style tells you very clearly that you can wear anything … Read More

Introducing five fabulous fashionistas: meet the fashion editors

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Hello fellow fashionistas! Welcome to the fashion section of The Gryphon, where we discuss all things funky and fabulous. Despite the beginning of uni looming and that feeling of panic creeping in as we begin to realise what a good idea it would have been to actually have READ the … Read More

High street knock-offs: Keeping the wheels turning?

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Are high street knock offs of high-end brands plain plagiarism or a welcome dose of fashion democracy? Copying or inspiration? The two words carry very different definitions and also very different meanings, especially in the fashion industry. There has been endless debate as to whether high street knock-offs are keeping … Read More

Is fashion too accessible?

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Fashion used to the be the realm of the rich and famous, but with the rise of social media and high street collaborations, there has been revolution in the fashion world – but is this a good thing? In recent years, we have seen a shift in the fashion industry; … Read More

Is calorie counting really worth it?

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It’s Monday Morning – Perhaps you’ve been telling yourself for the past few weeks that this is the day. No more digestives at 11pm. No more takeaways. No more food that you love; from now on it’s just porridge, greens, and smoothies. It probably goes well for the first day; … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: A round up of Milan Fashion Week

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At Milan Fashion Week, all focus was on the FROW seating “digital famous” millennials and creating a show that was more Instagram-worthy and less so focused on the garments. Dolce and Gabbana epitomised this with a front row boasting the likes of Youtube-famous Cameron Dallas (who currently has over 5 … Read More

How ‘See Now Buy Now’ is the Future of Fashion

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Will this new wave of fashion stick around for more than one season?  On September 18th, Topshop Unique launched their first ever ‘see now buy now’ collection at London Fashion Week, the ‘beginning of a new wave of fashion’ according to fashion journalist Melanie Rickey. Following the spring summer runway … Read More