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Night at the Circus: An International Student View on Shopping in Leeds

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With a large number of Asian students in Leeds, Meng Xian highlights areas of student life that make fresher’s week seem more of a culture shock than expected. From shopping to cups of tea, this is an insight into the difficulties international students may face when coming to little old … Read More

Food | Gastronaut samples new Trinity Kitchen eatery Pizzaluxe

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Pizzaluxe is a permanent fixture in the brand spanking new Trinity Kitchen in Trinity Leeds. The restaurant boasts freshly made pizzas of deluxe, artisan ingredients, all at reasonable prices. They operate a counter service where you can place your order and simultaneously witness the pizza crafting. If your stomach wasn’t … Read More

Food | Gastronaut – Trinity Kitchen

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Trinity Kitchen represents exactly what you don’t expect to find in a sparkly brand new indoor shopping centre owned by the corporate captains of the land in the middle of a bustling city. Land Security, which is responsible for more than 26 million sq. ft. of property, could well have stuck a Wagamama or … Read More

Lifestyle | Best kept secrets of the Corn Exchange

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From vintage camera shops to retro clothing, homemade cakes to beads, the Leeds Corn Exchange at the heart of our amazing northern city is an Aladdin’s cave of hidden treasures. Stumbling past it on your way to a Gin and Juice at Hifi or a cocktail at Mook, the Corn Exchange … Read More

Fashion I Trinity Leeds Lock-in – The Top Picks

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As our annual Student lock-in approaches this Monday coming, we can’t help but make a mental wish-list of all the autumn essentials we want to spend our loans on. With the weather being super-unpredictable as of late, we’re lusting after those multi-seasonal buys which will take us through the ice-cream … Read More

Fashion I Top of the Shops- Trinity Leeds

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Recently opening in Spring following a whole load of hype, our new shopping centre has certainly lived up to expectations – now supplying us with three floors and an extra 1 million square feet of retail therapy. In Trinity, our high street faves have become bigger and better with a … Read More

LS Fashion takes a tour of Trinity Leeds

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Trinity- the major shopping centre that’s been brewing behind the back of M&S for years, set for its big unveil on March 21st!

Review: ‘Dress Me Beautiful’, Leeds Fashion Show

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LS Fashion reviews the annually anticipated Leeds Fashion Show. So, how did this year compare?