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Trump’s first military raid failed to ‘make America great again’

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When your campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again,” the standard for all future decisions is set. In President Donald Trump’s first counterterrorism operation in Yemen, the result was hardly “great.” The objective of the mission was relatively straight-forwarded. In the early morning of Sunday, Jan. 29, members of Seal … Read More

Trump is just a puppet, Bannon is the puppeteer

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Who is Steve Bannon? Bannon isn’t a household name for the average Brit but he should be because Bannon is perhaps one of the most powerful men in the world. Bannon is the former editor of the alt-right ‘news’ site Breitbart News and now the White House’s Chief Strategist in … Read More

Rising insulin prices and the election of Trump: a fatal combination

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It is no secret that America has long been dominated by capitalist ideals; ideals which have infiltrated further and further into the healthcare system in recent years. This presence of capitalism in the American healthcare system is set to be further facilitated by the presidency of Trump; combined with the … Read More

The end of satire? It’s no laughing matter!

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Satire has long been our only salvation from the meaningless jargon and constant u-turns of electoral politics. It’s easy to criticise politicians’ often unfathomable actions but it’s even easier to laugh at David Cameron drawn with a condom for a head. Haha! A condom! The passive activism of the masses, … Read More

Build bridges not walls

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Since Trump came into power it seems like it’s been one breaking news story after another! But this week has seen a huge surge in media attention and controversy after Trump set a 120-day travel ban on refugees and a 90-day travel ban on ‘most’ citizens from seven countries. The … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump is no Jeremy Corbyn

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Since Donald Trump won the Presidential election there has been a lot of, I believe, lazy comparisons between him and Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn. Whilst, as I will argue, they are similar in the sense of both being unfit for office, there is a significant difference between them, namely one … Read More

“TPP is a terrible deal”- Donald Trump 5th of October 2015.

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(Photo from: Motley Magazine) Trump made a promise to withdraw from the TPP and on Monday the 23rd he took the first steps to keep his promise. What is the TTP and how may it affect our world ? TPP stands for Trans-Pacific Partnership. It is a multilateral agreement negotiated … Read More

NHS privatisation? Don’t remember that being on the bus!

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Theresa May’s plan for leaving the single market has left us at the mercy of other countries, who will seek to exploit our markets and public services for their own gain, and yet we are powerless to prevent this because we need them more than they need us. The UK … Read More

Universities across the world will be impacted by Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’

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President Trump has recently enacted a ban stopping people from entering the USA if they hold an Iranian, Iraqi, Libyan, Somalian, Sudanese, Syrian or Yemeni passport. This also applies to dual-nationality travellers or those with valid visas. Despite global opposition, Trump has not wavered in his support for the 90-day … Read More

Trump: the accidental fascist?

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Copies of 1984 have sold out on Amazon in recent weeks, and you do not need to be Sherlock to figure out why that might be. For the American far-right, and the Trump administration which represents it, the world is the way they say it is. That is true even, … Read More