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Trump’s government is no laughing matter

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Since assuming the Presidency of the United States a month and a half ago, Donald Trump has consistently been making headlines (and certainly not for good reasons). Perhaps the US’ most controversial president, Trump, the businessman turned president, is making a mess of things across the pond. Behind every President … Read More

Trump’s quest to rebuild the military: a further step into a bottomless swamp

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As many of you may have heard on the campaign trail of 2016 aside from the bigotry and racism, Donald Trump has plans to ‘rebuild’ the American military. Looking at America`s current standing around the world, one could agree with Trump`s comments; the middle East is worse off than it … Read More

Alex Jones: Trump’s terrifying new addition

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It seems we can’t go a week without everyone being scared half to death by news coming out of The White House. The latest news that will make you believe the apocalypse is almost upon us occurred late last week when it was reported by major media outlets that Alex … Read More

The politics of peeing

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In an unsurprising turn of events last week, Donald Trump rescinded truly basic federal guidance which protected the most rudimentary needs of transgender youth. This guidance was issued only last year by Obama, and required trans students in American schools to be allowed access to the locker rooms and bathrooms … Read More

Appealing to hearts, not minds

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First things first, the concept of “fake news” has run completely off the tracks. President Donald Trump’s efforts to delegitimise the work produced by seasoned journalists is abhorrent and despicable. Is “the media” (whatever that even means in the 21st century with the Internet, Facebook, television, Snapchat, Twitter, Fox News, … Read More

Trump’s first military raid failed to ‘make America great again’

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When your campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again,” the standard for all future decisions is set. In President Donald Trump’s first counterterrorism operation in Yemen, the result was hardly “great.” The objective of the mission was relatively straight-forwarded. In the early morning of Sunday, Jan. 29, members of Seal … Read More

Trump is just a puppet, Bannon is the puppeteer

2 years ago / 55 comments

Who is Steve Bannon? Bannon isn’t a household name for the average Brit but he should be because Bannon is perhaps one of the most powerful men in the world. Bannon is the former editor of the alt-right ‘news’ site Breitbart News and now the White House’s Chief Strategist in … Read More

Rising insulin prices and the election of Trump: a fatal combination

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It is no secret that America has long been dominated by capitalist ideals; ideals which have infiltrated further and further into the healthcare system in recent years. This presence of capitalism in the American healthcare system is set to be further facilitated by the presidency of Trump; combined with the … Read More

The end of satire? It’s no laughing matter!

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Satire has long been our only salvation from the meaningless jargon and constant u-turns of electoral politics. It’s easy to criticise politicians’ often unfathomable actions but it’s even easier to laugh at David Cameron drawn with a condom for a head. Haha! A condom! The passive activism of the masses, … Read More

Build bridges not walls

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Since Trump came into power it seems like it’s been one breaking news story after another! But this week has seen a huge surge in media attention and controversy after Trump set a 120-day travel ban on refugees and a 90-day travel ban on ‘most’ citizens from seven countries. The … Read More